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How to create a view with the largest three values for each row

I'm struggling with a couple of problems in the same project and I'll post two different help request.

You can find the Problem 1 in this post:


Problem 2.

I have a table with more than 80 Attributes, like this:

ScreenShot 041.jpg

I want to create a page with a view that shows the largest three attributes for each name, like this:

ScreenShot 045.jpg


I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you

Frequent Visitor

I still can't find a way to unpivot my Attributes Table.

I can't do it in power query, because it is a calculated table, created using the following DAX code:

AttributesTable =
var filteredTable = FILTER('InputTable', 'InputTable'[Exclude] = "NO")
return SELECTCOLUMNS(filteredTable,
"Name", 'InputTable'[Name]


Then, all the more than 80 attributes have been added as calculated columns using DAX code.

Please, any help?

Thank you

Super User
Super User

think you can use generate instead of addcolumns

Super User
Super User

firstly, you need to unpivot your data like this


then add a dimension table like this


then create two measures

Attr = CALCULATE(MAX('Table'[Attribute]),FILTER(VALUES('Table'[Attribute]),RANKX(ALL('Table'[Attribute]),CALCULATE(MAX('Table'[Value])))=MAX('TopN'[Index])))
Val = CALCULATE(MAX('Table'[Value]),FILTER(VALUES('Table'[Attribute]),RANKX(ALL('Table'[Attribute]),CALCULATE(MAX('Table'[Value])))=MAX('TopN'[Index])))

then show the view you want 



My Data Table is a calculated table where I added all the Attributes columns using formulas. How can I unpivot the table?

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