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How to connect ASANA API to POWER BI

Hi Team,

I am trying to connect ASANA to Power BI via API. 

To connect Asana to Power BI and retrieve task history, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Power BI Desktop or navigate to Power BI online (Power BI Service).

  2. In Power BI Desktop, click on "Get Data" from the Home tab, and in Power BI Service, click on "Get Data" in the navigation pane.

  3. In the "Get Data" window, search for "Asana" in the search bar.

  4. Select the "Asana" connector from the search results.

  5. In the Asana connector window, you will be prompted to enter your Asana API key.

  6. Paste your Asana API key into the appropriate field in the Asana connector window.

  7. Click on "Connect" to establish the connection between Power BI and Asana using your API key.

  8. Once the connection is established, you will be able to select the tables or entities you want to import from Asana, such as projects, tasks, stories, etc.

  9. Choose the specific tables you need, including the task and story tables.

  10. Click on "Load" to import the selected data into Power BI.

This is what CHATGPT told me to do, but it didn't work. Has someone tried this before? 

New Member

Probably has more to do with how you or your organization authenticate/login to Asana. For me it works by doing all of those steps, but posting the URL of the desired team or portfolio instead of the API key, but then I have organizational SSO.

Super User
Super User

I hope this message finds you well. I've noticed that this solution remain unresolved. If any of you have managed to find a resolution to the issue, I kindly request that you share your solution for the benefit of the entire community. Alternatively, if you're still facing challenges, please do let us know as well.

Your insights and updates will greatly assist others who might be encountering the same challenge.

New Member

I have an issue getting the data using that Asana (beta) connection. It takes sooooo long, and it can even log out without getting the data from Asana or just stop responding at all. Does anybody know what's wrong with this connection and how to make it work well?

Super User
Super User

but it didn't work

Please be more specific.  Seems to work ok.



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