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Dynamic RLS with complex security module


I'm trying to create a Dynamic RLS for a complex security module,

here are the table structure and relationship:


Table 1. Users

UsernameCompany CodeRole TypeAccess ID


Table 2. Roles

UsernameAccess Detail


Table 3. Data

IDDateValueCompany CodeRole SRole BRole R
101-01-20211A12345 77
301-05-20213A  77
410-01-20214B 97 


As it's showing in the above Data Table, User "A" should be able to see the first 2 rows as Role S 12345 & 67891 are linked to user A in Roles Table and user A is in Company "A", User “C” should be able to see row 1 and row 3 as Role R is 77 and 77 is linked to user C and the user is in Company “A”, and finally User “D” should be able to see only row 4 as Role B is 97 and user Company is “B”.
User “B” should be able to see everything as Role Type “A” is Admin.
So, the relationship here is:

  1. Table 1 (Username) -> Table 2 (Username)
  2. Table 1 (Company Code) -> Table 3 (Company Code)
  3. Table 1 (Role Type) -> Table 3 (Role S, Role B or Role R)
  4. Table 2 (Access Detail) -> Table 3 Value of (Role S, B or R)

I’ve tried different type of DAX expression but with no luck so far, any ideas that might help in resolving this?
Thanks in advance,

Super User
Super User

@khalilg  Why do you have AccessID as part of the Users table?


It feels as if you need to have a concatenated list of Access Details in the Users table, and make them company specific to remove the dependency on Company Code.


Username Company Code Role Type Access Codes
A A S 12345|67891
B A A  
C A R 77
D B B 97


And then in the RLS rules you can check PATHCONTAINS()


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