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Date Function - DAX - Create new column from an existing date column

I'm trying to create following columns using DAX from an existing date column on a table.

1. Fiscal_year_numer : Output -> 2021-22


I've created a "year" column with DAX like below:
Year = Year (Reference to the table [specific column consisting dates]) 


Can anyone suggest how to create a column with a fiscal column output - "2021-22" from a specifc column consisting dates on same table.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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This issue has now been resolved. 




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Fiscal years more often than not do not align with the usual calendar dates. If you have a functional rule that tells you how to create a fiscal value from the usual date, then you should code it appropriately (but the details are specific and without this knowledge nobody can give you formula). Fiscal calendars of any flavour (created in DAX or Power Query) can easily be found via a Google search. You can even start here ->

Resolver III
Resolver III

You could use either a Switch statement, 

or a mega IF statement?


Fiscal Year = 
IF(AND([Year] =2012,[Month]<=12),"FY13",

IF(AND([Year] =2013,[Month]<=6),"FY13",
IF(AND([Year] =2013,[Month]<=12),"FY14",        
IF(AND([Year] =2014,[Month]<=6),"FY14",
IF(AND([Year] =2014,[Month]<=12),"FY15",
" ")))))



Please, do not write code like this and do not advocate it. It's hard to read, hard to debug and hard to maintain. Instead, use SWITCH. Thanks.

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@daXtreme , I tried to create a column based on your recommendation. 


Fiscal Year =

VAR CurrYear = RIGHT(YEAR('Tab1'[Date]),2)
--VAR LastYear = RIGHT(YEAR('Tab1'[Date]-1,2) //Applicable for previous FY
VAR NewYear = RIGHT(YEAR('Tab1'[Date])+1,2)
VAR FiscalYear =

TRUE (),
MONTH([Exam Date]) >= 6,
"FY" & " " & CurrYear & "-" & NewYear
--LastYear & "-" & CurrYear //Applicable for previous FY
FY calculation I wanted it to be - 1st Jul - 30th Jun
There are some blank fields appearing in Fiscal Year column. Not sure why!
Could you pls suggest if there's any issue with my dax?

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