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Date Difference for two rows

I am having problems calculating date difference for the below scenario. I want to calculate the total time spent on a particular job by a mechanic. When the mechanic start and pause we should calculate the difference between the two times, when he resumes and completes the task we should also calculate the difference between the 2nd start time and the completion time, finally we sum the 2 date differences. Time taken = (Pausedtime-Starttime)+( CompleteTime- Starttime)

On the below scenario the expected result is 10 munites


Fleet No.DocEntryTaskCodeTask DescriptionStatus Mechanic Activity TimeJob TitleExpected Result
T0013SFREN24ENGINE OIL LEAK MINORStartedMechanic 114/03/2018 17:58Diesel Mechanic 
T0013SFREN24ENGINE OIL LEAK MINORPausedMechanic 114/03/2018 18:03Diesel Mechanic5 min
T0013SFREN24ENGINE OIL LEAK MINORStartedMechanic 115/03/2018 10:40Diesel Mechanic 
T0013SFREN24ENGINE OIL LEAK MINORStoppedMechanic 115/03/2018 10:45Diesel Mechanic5min
        10 min
Helper III
Helper III

Hi @manyerukebenn 

I am a bit of an amateur and there would be a much more sophisticated way to achieve this  but this solution worked for me 🙂


Job Duration = 
    VAR JobStart = CALCULATE(MIN(Table1[Activity Time]), Table1[Status ] = "Started")
    VAR BreakStart = CALCULATE(MIN(Table1[Activity Time]), Table1[Status ] = "Paused")
    VAR BreakEnd = CALCULATE(MAX(Table1[Activity Time]), Table1[Status ] = "Started")
    VAR JobEnd = CALCULATE(MAX(Table1[Activity Time]), Table1[Status ] = "Stopped")
    DATEDIFF(JobStart,JobEnd,MINUTE) - DATEDIFF(BreakStart,BreakEnd,MINUTE)


TableResult.pngdatediff table.png

PS: Ignore the 'DocEntry' figure, forgot to remove the quick sum calc 😁

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