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Cumulative change by quarter using ProductX of measure?

Hello, I have a measure calculating the quarter on quarter unit price changes (call it Measure1). I now want to make another measure (Measure2) that multiplies (1+ values of Measure1) in all quarters up to the selected quarter. Sample data below:

Year-QuarterUnit Price (Measure1)Measure2 (output)
2022 Q1-1+0% = 100%
2022 Q230%(100%)*(1+30%) = 130%
2022 Q315%(100%)*(130%)*(1+15%) = 149.5%


Measure2 = 
// Variable for (1+Measure1) value 
VAR _n = IF(ISNUMBER('Calculations'[Unit Price]), 'Calculations'[Unit Price] + 1)

     FILTER( ALLSELECTED('Date'[DecimalDate]), 
          'Date'[DecimalDate] <= SELECTEDVALUE('Date'[DecimalDate]) ), 
     _n) )


My returns Measure2 output is ridiculously large numbers. Snapshot hereI cropped out the row names but each row represents a different supplier. My data starts at 2019 Q3 so Measure 2 should equal (Unit Price + 1) for that quarter. Everything after that should be a product building off of it. But you can see some funky numbers (eg row 2).

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Super User

You can't really put SELECTEDVALUE into a CALCULATE.  Use variables instead.


Please provide sanitized sample data that fully covers your issue.
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

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