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Circular Dependency Issue

I have a column to calculate % Failures by taking a column I created to sum failures, and a measure I used to count rows.

I need to multiply one % failures by 45 and another % failures by 200, as the failure rates apply to different sample sizes.

When I make my measure, % Failures = (Total failures / (Total count)*45)*100, this works. But when I make a new measure and replace 45 with 200, I get "A circular dependency was detected". 


How can this be bypassed? I've tried creating new columns and measures to try and make them independent of each other but am having little luck.


Thank you!

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Super User

@jmnigrelli , Assuming Total failures and Total count are measures


that this should work

% Failures = Divide([Total failures], [Total count]*200)*100


If this does not help
Can you share sample data and sample output in table format? Or a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.

@amitchandak thank you for your response, this unfortunately did not work. 


This is basically what I am working with

ProcessMachineFailure Mode AFailure Mode B

Failure Mode C

Process 1Machine A011
Process 2Machine A


Process 1Machine A020
Process 2Machine B133
Process 1Machine B212
Process 2Machine B021

Process 1

Machine B100
Process 2Machine B


Process 1Machine B101

The way I have it set up now, is:

Column, Total Failures = ('Data Set[Failure Mode A]+[Failure Mode B]+[Failure Mode C])

Measure, Total Count = (Countrows('Data Set'))

Column % Total Failures = ([Total Failures]/(([Total Records])*45)*100)

And then I have a filter on the page only looking at process 1 (process 1 needs to be multiplied by 45)

The above gives me exactly what I need!


For process 2, the total records needs to be multiplied by 200, this is when I run into issues with the circular dependency. Does this help?


Thank you!!!



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