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7-day rolling sum issue with slicer

Hi everyone,


I am having some issueswith my DAX code.


I have an Excel table named 'MyTable' that I use as a dataset. In this table there are several columns, including one for dates (from 2019 to 2021) and one for the number of orders I have per day.


I wanted to create a 7-day rolling sum the returns for a given day the number of orders for the current day and the 6 days before.


Here is an example:


DateOrders7-day rolling sum for orders
Jan 1st55
Jan 2nd27
Jan 3rd613
Jan 4th316
Jan 5th723
Jan 6th427
Jan 7th229
Jan 8th327


Here is an example of the kind of results I am supposed to get. Here, for Jan 8th, I should get the sum of Jan 8th + the 6 days before.


My DAX formula is the following:


Orders 7DR Sum =
    DATESINPERIOD(MyTable[Date], LASTDATE(MyTable[Date]), -6, DAY)

Technically it works if I show the entire data on my Power BI dashboard. However, I need to use slicers on my dashboard to filter the data. The problem with the slicer is that if I ask it to filter the data for february 2019 for example, the formula will start the sum at the beginning of february. Leading to the first 7 days of the chart being wrong.

How can I modify my DAX formula so that it still considers the dates outside of the slicer?
Thank you very much.
Regular Visitor

Any idea? I have been trying many things and nothing works at the moment...

Community Champion
Community Champion

hi @gb1997 

When you say "ask it to filter the data for february 2019", which day do you mean by february 2019?

Hi @FreemanZ ,


When I say "filter the data for February 2019" what I mean by that is that I want the slicer to show me the data only for February 2019. All the data that is before Feb 2019 and after is not shown.

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