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Would like to create column hierarchy in visual without transforming data

Hello everyone,


So I have the following table as shown:

What I currently haveWhat I currently have

I would like to categorize/group together some of the columns so as to have a column hierarchy as shown below. All the ones that start with "Disc" would go under the big column "Discovery" and then Discovery and some other would go under a bigger umbrella known as "Personal Visits" and so on... you get the idea. Ignore the fact that the numbers from the above do not match the numbers below. I would like to keep the numbers as they are (no transformations whatsoever). This is purely about creating a column hierarchy in a visual. But something that should be so simple seems so hard! I've found plenty of literature/posts about how to do something similar for the rows(like a multi index) but not for columns. If I do so on Python it does not translate as desired on the final output. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

desired outputdesired output

Would simply like to add column hierarchy without disrupting any of the data. The desired outcome would be something like this:



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