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Power BI Custom Visuals' Community


Welcome to Power BI Custom Visuals Community!

Power BI custom visuals is all about community.  We are very excited to announce that custom visuals now have a special place in the Power BI community site, to share knowledge, ideas and news!




Power BI custom visuals useful links for developers


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New Member

Custom power bi chart is not refreshing to visualize a streaming data

I have been developing custom power bi chart for visualizing azure streamed data & for that created azure streaming job with an event hub data streaming input that pushs data to power bi dataset but it is not refreshing the chart to visualize a streaming data automatically, i have to refresh it manually to see the changes, can you please help me what i missing?

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Is there a way to filter the Sankey visual so we can see individual levels and how the are connected to other level.



Data format might make it difficult. There is a custom Sankey Diagram by ChartExpo with different and easy data format. You can try filter on this tabular data format.



Frequent Visitor

Having issues witrh the Timeline Slicer as had set the fiscal year for June 1st with Sunday being the 1st day of the week though now the week numbers are not correct as of this month.

Example, week 52 is correct as the date range is from Sunday 19th of May to the Saturday 25th of May. Week 53 however is Sunday 26th of May to Friday 31st instead of Saturday 1st of July (I understand the issue here) and then it has week 1 as the single day of Saturday July 1st and week 2 starts on the 2nd of June.


To compensate, I have changed the fiscal date to June 2nd though for 2025, this may cause grief as 1st of June will be the Sunday. Not sure if there may be an easy fix to this.

Frequent Visitor

If you add a 'Clear all slicers' button, it does not clear the text in the 'Text Filter'. Does anyone have experience in this?

Yes, the clear button does not work for custom visuals, at least not for the ones I use.

In order to implement a Clear filters button while having custom visuals, I used the bookmarks feature.

Harder to maintain, but unfortunately I think it is the only option.

New Member

Slicer not working since April 2024 update, gives error when published "To see this custom visual, add to this report first. Timeline144991079100. Any suggestions welcome!

New Member

The chicklet slicer is not able to access through embedding events after report embedded to a web portal

New Member

I'm trying to use the new dynamic formatting for measures with Power KPI Matrix 3.1.1. Is this not supported? The visual seems to use the custom column format set in the visual. It would be ideal if that could be left blank and the visual would default to using the default format of the measure, which in my case would be dynamic. 

New Member

Hello, I am desiring to create a pretty simple radial column chart in PowerBI. Charticular seems like a plausible way to do this, but I have had no luck so far. My dataset contains rows representing people and columns with pre-scaled metrics about them. I would like each metric to be a column on the chart. What is the best way to achieve this? Thank you.


Frequent Visitor

I am using Power KPI 2.0.0 (see attached image).

How can I invert my Y-axes in with this visual?

Thank you.


New Member

Update: Issue has been resolved.  We found an issue with the Chrome browser version being used in the company.  


We are using the ChicletSlicer in several reports.  We started recieving reports that it was not working in the online versions.  They click on a chiclet to make a selection but nothing happens other than the the colors of the chiclet changing.  It does work properly in the desktop version.  



New Member

PowerBI with app (add-in) Power KPI (, last updated 7/10/2023) from Microsoft Corporation has a bug with vertical axis. When all values of variable are identical in time axis, plot gives horizontal line on the bottom, while it should be in the middle according to the vertical axis values. See example below.


How to reproduce a bug:

  • Select "Power KPI" visual
  • Set "Axis" to some valid variable
  • Set "Values" to a variable which has identical values (calculated measure or count) accross all time points
  • Result is horizontal line at the bottom of a graph, but according to vertical axis line should be in the middle
    • Count of country = 3, vertical axis from 2.4 to 3.5, line is at wrong ~2.4 level
  • Value popup shows correct value, but bubble point is on the line which is at wrong level (cross-hair of horizontal and vertical line)

IMO, axis values are correct, popup values are correct, but line is plotted at wrong height for some reason. When variable has different values, then ploted line and axis values seem to match correctly.

This bug needs to be fixed.

New Member

Is it possible to extract witch a right click on a point some data ?

Regular Visitor

There is the way to exceed the limit of data points in visual from AppSource?

Regular Visitor


I am having this issue for 2 of our users. This search filter is working fine for other users, but not for some.


This is the working filter.


Any solution to this? We have tried clearing caches and re login to power bi service for those users too.

Frequent Visitor

Hi, could you please help me with this visualization? After refreshing our Power BI Server up to September 2023 Chiclet Slicer does not mark color for selected chiclet.

After 15.0.1113.169 refreshing the issue was resolved

New Member



I'm using the Power KPI custom visual and love the functionality that this provides. However, I noticed that the chart automatically defaults all values as whole/decimal numbers instead of using the formatting that the user defines for a given value/meausure, such as percentage or currency. I feel like this is an easy fix. Is this the right place to request such a change?




Frequent Visitor

Hi, I have previously published a report using the pdfviewer visual to display a one-page PDF file. It works fine and I really appreciate the zoom in and out feature that can't be done using other image viewer custom visual. However, the recent update of the PDFviewer has changed all my PDFs to be stretched vertically and all the texts on it become unreadable. It also has the default export document feature turned on at the nav bar by default with no option to hide. However, clicking on it just brings you to the licensing page. May I know how do I go about this? Is there a way to downgrade or settings to deal with the stretched image?

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