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New Slicer Type Formatting for JSON

Hello all,


My understanding is that JSON theme file values are [mostly?] only able to modify settings that appear in the formatting pane for visuals. With the new December update, the Slicer Option > Style has been relocated to this formatting pane. 


Has anyone figured out how to set the Slicer Style to "Dropdown" in a custom JSON theme file yet?

Super User
Super User

Hi @spham1215,

The info I've received is that the property is data > mode, but it still looks like this has the same bug you've observed and that the property has to be reset to default to apply correctly 😞

The following syntax may be useful for later if/when it's fixed and is supposed to be the correct selector to use when setting up a theme:


    "name": "My Theme",
    "visualStyles": {
        "slicer": {
            "*": {
                "data": [
                        "mode": "Between"


Valid values for mode are:

  • "VerticalList"
  • "HorizontalList"
  • "Between"
  • "Before"
  • "After"
  • "Basic"
  • "Dropdown" (so, this is what you should need for your case)
  • "Relative"
  • "Single"
  • "RelativeTime"

I hear that if the type you specify is not compatible with the field type, it will typically force it to one that does.



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Hey there, were you able to figure out the JSON code to set "dropdown" for the slicer? Having the same issue.


It seems the below code "works," but there's a bug that requires you to click "Reset to Default" in the slicer pane for the JSON theme setting to kick in:


		"options": [{
			"style": "Dropdown"


Just waiting for the bug fix I guess..

Resolver III
Resolver III

I guess currently no such property has been launced to configure this requirement, lately.

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