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Chiclet slicer won't update to, now not rendering in service: how to I force update?

I know this is the dev forum but hoping the answer to my specific problem will also shed light on how Custom Visuals work.


For three months now all the Chiclet Slicers in my .pbix files have a warning icon with this message:


I have tried numerous times to update from AppSource but it won't go away. I also exported to .pbit and unzipped and the version appears to be the current one but the message still shows


This was just an annoyance but today at least one of my reports stopped displaying the visual. My users just see a blank. I don't know if the two are related but I figured this nagging issue is a place to start. EDIT: the report showing the blank behavior is a Live Connection so I can't unzip it.


Is there some sort of cache or reference to the old version that could be causing this? If so how do I clear it?


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