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Usage Metrics for Dashboard/Report Authors Feedback

Hello everyone!


Please use this thread to leave feedback or questions about our new usage metrics feature for dashboard/report authors.


Update [10/5/2017]: we have successfully rolled out a batch of performance optimizations to the usage metrics feature! You should now see your usage metrics reports loading much more quickly. You should also no longer see the "ran out of resources" error on your visuals. Please let us know if you're seeing otherwise.


Update [8/30/2017]: we're rolling out updates to usage metrics to surface the names of the users who are viewing and sharing dashboards and reports! The rollout will complete by end of the week. See our blog post for more information!


Before we start, be sure to check out the documentation for more information about the feature.


Note also that we’ve created the following UserVoice items for improvements already on the backlog. Please cast your vote below to help us prioritize our investments going forward.



Looking forward to hearing from you,


Helper IV
Helper IV

Is there a way or an existing idea post out there (before I create it) to have an option to merge Dashboard and Report Usage Metrics?  Soemtimes we look at the dashboard  vs report and if they are much the same except for dirll down options.  Combining the usage numbers often would be helpful (but sitll breaking them out for other needs).


Not applicable

@asjones If someone creates that idea, I would like to vote for it!!!

Resolver I
Resolver I

I have a report built based on the origianl where the fitler for hte Report was removed allowing all reports to be visable across the Workspace.  This report is still fairly slow.  

Frequent Visitor

When will it be possible to share usage reports or add to a content pack?



sharing of usage Dashboards is already possible, you could select and use it. I did not check it with a colleague until now.


Kind regards

C. Richter

Frequent Visitor

Any thoughts on why the usage metrics for a published app would not be showing users which have definitely logged on and viewed a dashboard?


Anecdotally it seems like iOS usage isn't picked up consistently.

Not applicable

I'm pleased to report that my usage reports, that were previously timing out, are now working as I would have expected them to.  Great work @sirui_sun and team!

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

Great addition with the per user statistics!

Unfortunately the dataset performance is really slow and becomes almost useless when response time is 20-40 seconds when interacting with the reports.


I hope this is on the top of the agenda for the development team since these kind of auditing is highly requested for many customers and can add a high value when justifying investments into Power BI in the organization.




Thanks for the feedback everyone.


Improving the performance of the usage metrics reports is at the top of our priority. Work is in-progress which should significantly improve performance. We should have an update by end of September or October - stay tuned.


Separately - unfortunately there are no current plans to add email subscriptions to usage metrics, though I would encourage you to create/vote on the idea at




I've noticed that using the ViewsCount measure seems to cause most of my slow downs. I am connecting to a report usage metrics dataset on one of my workspaces through Excel and finding that almost any time I pull ViewsCount into the pivot the refresh never completes. I've waited more than 10 minutes at this point and its still trying to bring in the results. 

Hi Sirui,


I would really like to see which users subscribed to my reports and dashboard. Therfore I voted for this idea:


Best regards


Frequent Visitor



is there a way to show the Subscriptions for a Dashboard in the Usage Metric report?


Best Regards

Frequent Visitor

Thanks for the nice update, however in our case it's so slow/ takes al lot of time to process, that the user visual times out with the out of memory. It would be quite beneficial if it works properly, even beter would of course be to see the statistics over the organization, and filter on workspace/ report/ user etc.


Not applicable

Im in the same boat now with the slow processing.  I delete and attempted to recreate my logs. They wont work now as they just timeout.

Advocate II
Advocate II

Been waiting for this for a long time, but for some reason I don't see the 'Views by User Table' when opening the Usage Metrics for a report or dashboard. Additionally, when I 'Save As' and 'Edit' the Usage Metrics report i don't have a data set for users in the Fields Nav bar as per the Blog post on the 30th.


Anyone else experiencing the same issue?





Hold tight! As the blog post mentions, we're still rolling out this feature worldwide. It should be available everywhere by the end of this week. 


Checked this am and I'm getting the user table now. This is great. Thanks for adding this feature. 

Not applicable

@sirui_sunim super excited about the usage metrics now showing Users.  The feature is now available to me, as i can see it in a new workspace i've created.  However, when i've removed my usage report in a workspace that has it already, when i create a new usage report it doesn't have the new user table.  Its almost like the usage report data is sitting behind the scenes somewhere.

Is there a way to clear that out properlly and have it rebuild?  I've tried delete my saved Usage dataset and click on the 'Usage Metrics' icon

EDIT:  I've checked this again now on a Monday (this post written on a Friday).  Running the metrics now produces the correct table.  Some sort of cache purging must occur periodically.  If anyone else finds this in the future, waiting is all i needed to do. I did delete my metrics, but i'm unsure whether that is required or not.


Frequent Visitor

It would be good if Power BI admins could create a similar report covering all content on the Power BI tenant which could then be shared with all users on the tenant. At the moment we are restricted to usage reporting at the workspace level.

Not applicable

Usage matrix is gone new App workspace. How can I get it back?

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