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Sharing dashboards externally (not via URL) - Roadmap?



I am realatively new to the Power BI application and its services. I am trying to find a solution that would allow my organisation to share Power BI dashboards with our clients so that they could be viewed and edited/annotated in exactly the same way as if I were to share the dashboards within the same organisation.  Please see our scenario below:


We are a SAAS provider and currently have custom made dashboards within our application.  As well as embedding specific Power BI dashboards (which I beleive can be achieved with Power BI Embedded), we would also like to create a suite of reports/dashboard that we can also share externally with our clients so that they can be viewed within the desktop/ios/android apps in the same way that they can be viewed/shared if we were to share them internally.  I have found a couple of solutions (such as creating an email within our domain for the client) but none seem to be what we are looking for.


Does anybody know if this is currently on the Roadmap or if it may be in the near future?  Any information or suggetions would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to ask me any questions for clarity.


Hi @clievesley,

Power BI Embedded is an Azure service that enables application developers to add interactive Power BI reports into their own applications. The customers can only view the reports, they can not edit the reports. There is a feature request here. Please vote it. If more people vote, the probability of considering by Product Group is bigger. Please look your eyes on the official website and the ideas, the status of the idea will be changed if there is any update.

Best Regards,

Hi @v-huizhn-msft,


Thank you for your input.  Looking around, Power BI embedded is no longer an Azure service (although it may still be applicable?) (section at the bottom talking about migrating from Azure Power BI embedded)


What I am ultimately looking for advice on is being able to share Power BI reports externally in the same way as i would internally so that the client has the same amount of control and can view the reports within the Power BI Mobile/Desktop/Web app.


It doesnt appear possible at the moment (please correct me if I am wrong) and I wondered if anybody knows if this is on a Roadmap to introduce?  


Again, any suggestions or pointers are greatly appreciated.

Hi @clievesley,

I understand you now. Until Iam not sure there is on a Roadmap to introduce, I and try to consult and will post the update if there is any helpful information. Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards,

It is on the roadmap but we will not get to it this year.

Senior Program Manager,
Power BI, Microsoft.

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