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Report colors changing when published

So I've noticed that on several occasions when I publish a report to a group, the colors within a visualization will change to something other than what I set them to be. I've specifically noticed these on line and bar charts. 

I try not to change any colors in a visualization from what is set automatically by Power BI. But there have been times where I need to make a change to the automatted selected colors (still keeping within the spectrum of colors available in the default Power BI listing). When I publish the report, the colors that were modified will sometimes change. I have to edit the published report by hand to change some of the colors back to what they were in the desktop file. 


Any suggestions on a fix, would be great. It seems like there's a bug that doesn't allow colors to stay "locked in" when reports are published.


I'm curious to know if others have encountered this.




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I also have this issue. My report looks ridicolous and is practically unusable, pretty **bleep** annoying to say it softly... Smiley Sad

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We are also having this issue. The color is different on bar chart after published to the web from desktop. 

Really hope that Microsoft can fix this bug. 

Chooses to, you really hope Microsoft CHOOSES to fix this bug.... it's been a bug for a LONG time... with no resolution yet 😞

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I have the same issue and would like this to be fixed. Pie charts also have this issue. 

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+1 also experiencing this issue. This is the first time I have ever encountered this issue and it is maddening.

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I am experiencing this as well! It's very frustrating and completely random, my company has a specific palette I need to adhere to and this is going to get me into trouble if I can't find a work around. 


Please fix this!!

What helped in my case was to change the colors to something. Different. I am not sure if it will stick if I change the colors back... I forgot what the original colors were.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I am also experiencing this aggravating issue.


please fix!

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Add another one to the list. all visuals colors not matching what was published.

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I have this issue as well. I want several pages in a report to have the same color scheme, and have specified colors to a small dimension. Some of the colors change when deployed but not all. 


I use SSAS as the data source.

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I have had this same issue, at least with pie and line charts.
This is frustrating especially with a line chart where I have a number of lines and made an effort to differientate the colors. After publishing, some line colors change to different ones compared to the colors they were defined on the desktop version.


Here's some details how the colors have changed:


My collegue complained that some colors are too close to each other. The dashboard showed wrong colors with firefox, chrome and ie browsers.

On my computer the colors were fine for a while with firefox and ie. After using the published dashboard the colors changed.

I'd like to see this bug fixed.




Community Champion
Community Champion

I'm also experiencing this bug in a pie chart. I have legend of 10 colors and I want 2 colors to be the same, but in the PBI service it changes the wrong ones.

Re-applying all the colors to the items seems to have fixed the issue, but I don't know for how long..

Can anybody reproduce this?

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Blog: | @NickyvV

I have this issue and it is causing serious problems as we have standard color coding we use for given categories.... now they are changing at random.

Hi Onewithquestion, 


Have you tried the workaround above? Workaround: Add some data to your chart's Axis. Set the color, then remove the data from the Axis field. 


This might be able to help while Microsoft works to fix the issue.

Yeah, it did not seem to work sadly....


EDIT: I should have clarified, this is happening with pie charts and Treemaps as well.

Frequent Visitor

I experienced this, as well. My forum post about is here. Forum user @StewartR noted that it seems to happen for charts that don't have an axis. StewartR also provided a workaround if you are unable to modify the charts (I noticed that for some of my charts, I couldn't change the wrong color once it was published to the Power BI service). 


Workaround: Add some data to your chart's Axis. Set the color, then remove the data from the Axis field. 

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I'm using Zoomcharts Donut Chart and publishing is changing the color to white, making the fraction obscure.
OneWithQuestion (below) also mentions using Pie Charts and TreeMaps.
Hoping to figure this out soon.
Thanks for your guidance.

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I changed the color from a custom looking color to a more common color and it worked for the first level donut filter, but changed a color in the 3rd level to white.

Changed the deep red custom color to a tannish (light brown/grey) color and it worked - the colors in the published report were the same as the colors in the desktop report (Zoomcharts Donut Chart).

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I have experienced this as well.

One a few reports, it happens consistently.

On others, it never happens and the colors match PBI Desktop.

Helper I
Helper I

I experienced this for the first time today. I went back into the desktop version and re-selected all of the data colors in one of the charts. Then I republished and the colors appeared correctly in the chart where I reselected the colors and incorrectly in the other chart. Then I did the same for the other chart and republished again and all the colors appeared correctly. This does appear to be a bug. Fortunately I did not have a lot of colors and charts to reselect so this workaround appears to have worked for me pretty easily. 

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