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Refreshing tiles using live connection Oracle/direct query

Hi everybody


i'm trying to refresh automatically tiles in power bi-service dashboard, but it doesn't work fine. I have to click on Refresh bottom to see updated data. What I want to do is to show tiles in a public screen that can be change its content whenever there is a change in the database. Obviously tiles must change automatically.
Any help will be appreciated.


Pablo A. Escobar





Please refer to this document for Tile refresh.

As ankitpatira said, tile refresh updates the cache for tile visuals, on the dashboard, once data changes. This happens about every fifteen minutes. You can also force a tile refresh by selecting the ellipse (...) in the upper right of a dashboard and selecting Refresh dashboard tiles.


Best Regards,


Thanks ankitpatira and Herbert_Liu for your reply.

Like you said, i have been waiting for 15 minutes and more, but doesn't refresh at all.

For this project i definitely need the refresh occurs authomatically.



I show the screen with the specific tile that i want to refresh then I forced to change data making an update on the database and i wait to refresh without touch anything, but it anything happens.

I proved to refresh using ellipse (...)  and the refresh bottom , and it works fine.


Please tell me if i missing something.





In conclusion, Power BI Tiles doesn't refresh automatically, it needs to be manually refresh by clicking on page refresh bottom. I'm using a live connection and i'm using on-premise datasource.

I could not use Power BI Tiles to display changing information like airport monitors that show fly arrived status.
Is this correct ??



Pablo A. Escobar



I tested with a live connection and used on-premise SQL, I think I have reproduced this issue today.

But it worked again just now, it seems that I did nothing and the tile in dashboard refreshed after about 15 minutes. Could you please try again to see if the issue still persists?


Best Regards,


I tested yesterday for so many times and the result was the same. The only difference between both scenarios are the datasource, i'm using Oracle 10g (Oracle data access component ODAC121024_x64) instead of Sql server, but nevertheless I think this is not could be the reason of the issue.


Thanks Herbert for your reply.




I thought marbe it could be a problem with the web browser, and because i had been using Google Chrome, i tried using Internet Explorer.

But it doesn't work anyway.




Based on my testing, after I change the values in SQL database, it may refresh automatically after more than 40 minutes. With so many tries, I only saw one time that the refresh happened after 15 minutes.


I’ve reported it internally and I’ll update here once I get any feedback.


Best Regards,


Thanks Herbert.

I'll be waiting for your reply.


Best Regards,





Please check the Power BI Service URL to check if it is MSIT as below. If so, Power BI team is aware of the delay and they are working towards fixing it.

Currently the delay can be up to an hour for MSIT. For the Prod South Central US cluster, there should be no delay and the tiles should refresh every 15 minutes.

Refreshing tiles using live connection Oracledirect query_1.jpg


Best Regards,


Community Champion
Community Champion

@pescobar Currently tiles cache gets refreshed every 15 seconds. So if your dataset changes then within 15 mins you should expect to see tile getting refreshed.

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