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Helper I
Helper I

Refresh from Dataflow looping in Desktop model

Hi all,

I'm having issues refreshing a Power BI Desktop model pointing to 5 tables stored in a dataflow. When I attempt refreshing the model, 2 out of these 5 tables start looping and therefore the refresh can't finish successfully. The tabes are loaded for their whole size, but when the value is reached the refresh process starts looping. If I singularly refresh every table the same issue happens for these 2, while I'm able to correctly refresh the other 3 tables.


Few details here:


- I'm able to import and even refresh the exact same tables on a new Power BI Desktop model, it looks like an issue directly related to this specific model I've built. Since it has many calculated columns and measures tho, I'd like to avoid building a new report from scratch. No issue seems to be present in the advanced editor, which I can share here.


- The dataflow where these tables are stored gets easily refresh in 5/6 minutes. It points to a PostgreSQL database where these tables are frequently updated (say every 5 mins), while I only refresh the dataflow twice per day.


- This Power BI Desktop model is published on an online dashboard with scheduled refreshes twice per day. These work correctly, although they take quite a long time (30/35 mins each).


- I've read that restarting capacity might be a solution, but the company I'm working for only has Power BI Pro accoutns, so this is not possible. I've tried to clear the cache on the Power BI Desktop model but it didn't help.


Any hint?
Thanks a lot

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @lg_analyst 

It sounds like you have a capacity issue here as CDM folder can not save data without limit. Incremental refresh for the dataflow can be the solution howeve you will need a Premium license for that.

Check out this link, it could help,o....


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