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Power BI signout Bug -- A security concern

The current Power BI site got an sign out bug.


Once you signed in and you try to sign out, there is a new page shows in a new IE tab and you signed out.


However, the signed in page is still alive in the original tab and you are able to view all the report and dashboard contents.


I believe that there is a security risk here.






Steven Wang

Power Participant
Power Participant

I noticed in my organization, there are issues yet regarding sign out and during scheduling data refresh for a particular dataset (like for designer file) for specific users. Power BI service gets hanged & not able to proceed further. 


Hi Steven,


Thanks for letting us know.  Let me check into this and get back to you.



hanks, Adam.

For a couple of days this was the case when sign out. Now I noticed that it is fixed ( at least in mycase ) and also it doesn't freeze in the sign out page so we had to open a new page again -  but takes you again in the sign in page..

Konstantinos Ioannou

It seems that this issue has been fixed.  I tried it on several browsers and it works as it should.

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