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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Power BI dataset refresh error: "We cannot convert the value "[Function]" to type Function

I have a number of functions running fine on the Desktop .
I access several Excel files on OneDrive Pro and SharePoint .

Everything works well on the desktop (with Options set to No privacy to allow my Refersh to work well since some tables depend on other tables etc)

When i publish to the service i get this crypticc error messsage:

Power BI dataset refresh error: "We cannot convert the value "[Function]" to type Function.






I can't reproduce your issue.


Since you connect those files in Power BI Desktop and publish the .pbix onto Power BI Service, it supposes take the Personal Gateway. I have seen issues related to data refresh with Personal Gateway when connecting OneDrive or SharePoint.


Can you switch it to On-premise Gateway or directly connect from Power BI Service?



Thank you.
I have just publsihed a detailed analysis under "Bug in a Query that Reffers to an other Query"


My data (stored on OneDrive for Business) is accessed via Get Data > Web (in the desktop) so it does not require a Gateway, provided I edit Credentials after publish.


The issue is due to the fact that my Query calls a Function which itself accesses on of the data sets above.


On the desktop I have the error message:

Formula.Firewall: Query 'Test Query with Bug' (step 'Rename') references other queries or steps, so it may not directly access a data source. Please rebuild this data combination.


Which I overcome with File>Options > Privacy > Ignore the privacy levels…


But when I publish, edit the Dataset credentials, and try to refresh I have :

Data source type:


Processing error:

We cannot convert the value "[Function]" to type Function.

Cluster URI:


(Please note that when I remove the call to the function in my Query, Refresh works fine )


So the Bug comes from this sort of Query in Query thing.


Test files available.

Advocate III
Advocate III

Assuming you have a column or measure called "Function", perhaps it's worth removing it and re-adding it again?


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