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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

[Personal Gateway Upgrade required] The On-premises data gateway (personal mode) is now available

ACTION REQUIRED BY 7/31/2017 to avoid interruption in your Power BI Data refresh of on-premises data

Hello gateway owners
Today we're shipped a new, enhanced version of the personal gateway - On-premises data gateway (personal mode). We’re starting the process of moving all existing personal gateways to use the new release. The new release of the gateway is built on top of the same on-premises data gateway infrastructure and will be part of the unified gateway story across the Power * suite (Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow). New features in this release include: an improved Fast Combine experience, ability to delete the gateway from the Power BI portal, export logs functionality, and enhanced overall reliability and performance.
More features will be added in the next few months, including the ability to use the gateway in personal mode outside Power BI.
Here’s the link to install the new On-premises data gateway (personal mode).
Moving to the new personal gateway is very simple; you just need to install and configure the On-premises data gateway (personal mode) on your machine. Once it’s configured your datasets will discover the new gateway, and all refreshes will start going through the On-premises data gateway (personal mode) instead of the old personal gateway. Documentation on the new gateway, how to install it, and list of FAQs can be found here.
Refreshes through your existing personal gateway will stop working after July 31st, 2017; please ensure that you upgrade to the new gateway by July 31st, 2017 to keep your datasets up to date. If you have a technical reason preventing you from using the On-premises data gateway (personal mode) or have not been able to migrate to the new personal gateway, please use this post to give feedback or ask questions.
Gateway and connectors team

Thanks @dimazaid,


Should you need any other details, feel free to let me know.


Appreciate your quick response again.


out of interest @starmoonknight what version/year of SSAS are you using.



Hi @nickgraves,


Microsoft Analysis Server 10.50.600.34

Microsoft Analysis Services Client Tools 14.0.608.142


Are you suggesting this could be a version compatible issue? 




@starmoonknightIt was something our IT dept suggested to me, I am not convinced myself given that is still works in power bi desktop, particularly if your software is newish (ours is quite old I believe)

There is some version info here:


Thanks @nickgraves for the link.


Have you tried to uninstall Analysis Services and run the gateway? When did your problem start occuring?





No we have not tried to uninstall AS, (our systems are supported by an outside company & I am on holiday at the moment)

It happened as soon as we foolishly updated the gateway software.

Connections to all our other systems are ok, problem just with AS cubes and just through the gateway (both personal and standard modes)



@starmoonknight was this issue ever resolved for you? we have a similar issue

Very unfortunately, this issue remains, and I have to manually refresh and upload desktop files to PBI service.



@dimazaid have you been able to replicate the problem?

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi - we installed this update as we have a few data models that use data sources not yet supported by the Data Gateway Enterprise mode.


Unfortunately, we had to uninstall the update as it does not support all the data sources that the existing Personal Gateway supports.


Specifically, we are refreshing Active Directory Data. I recognize (now! :)) that that lack of AD support (along with others) is detailed in the linked documentation under Limitations and considerations, but considering that data refresh via the existing personal gateway will stop working in 7 weeks, I am surprised at the lack of feature parity. I see OLEDB, ODBC, Spark and R being developed, but no AD mention. 


@dimazaid, while I applaud unifying and simplifying, we are going to have a problem if 2017-07-31 rolls around and On-premises data gateway (personal mode) is not at feature parity for supported connections with the existing Personal Gateway. 

Hi @dimazaid,


Any chance we'll get feature parity and have Active Directory support via either Data Gateway? We are very dismayed right now that features that have worked since July 2015 are being removed and breaking all the Intelligence and work we have done. See my related posts about the new 10 GB Uncompressed Data limit imposed on the Data Gateway Refreshes that magically appeared without warning on June 1, 2017.


We have 125 Power BI Pro Licenses. We have now stopped buying them because my confidence has been eroded around what other limitations and restrictions will magically appear. It is clear that we are being funnelled to the Power BI Premium which represents a MASSIVE increase in cost for a company with 230 IT Users. I would feel better about it if I could actually determine if a P1 Node would solve my problem, but there is not test, no trial, no tools to evaluate, etc... Just a web site with a slider and a whitepaper. 




Hi @ascendbi,

Thank you for the feedback and for using the gateway! We will be looking into adding AD based on this, I will respond back with an ETA once it's clear. 

p.s: Sorry if you're getting this twice, I sent a response yesterday but can't see it anymore. 



Not applicable

Hi Dimazaid,

I'm pro user. I created report one week ago. Yesterday around the same time as now I set up schedule refresh and my all users who are also Pro cannot see my work. They see only message loading data... and almost done... Could you advise how to solve it? I use ODBC data(Service Now connection). Last thing - for me it's working fine. I use old personal gateway and till 6th everything was working fine.

Hi @Anonymous,


Which auth type are you using with ODBC? Basic or Windows? Do they see any errors other than the loading data message? 

Can you send me the gateway logs so we can take a look? 



Not applicable

It was my mistake. I created dashboard with pinned page and I wanted to create something like menu for reports. I deleted pinned page and left dashboard without it but only text boxes with links to reports. After added again pinned page everything was fine. False alarm 🙂 


One question regarding new on-premises data gateway(personal mode). When I upgrade gateway will I still have an access to my ODBC data? I use Basic authentication.


Thank you.




Hi @Anonymous,

Glad to hear it was resolved! 
The new gateway supports ODBC data source with Basic mode today, so you should be able to still access your data. Please let me know if you see otherwise. 



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