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New Member

Paginated Report Not Rendering Properly in Published App

I am experiencing an issue with a paginated report builder file that I am out of ideas on how to fix.


I have a paginated report that exports to PDF properly in the desktop app, as well as when published to the workspace.  However, once I push the report to the app, the report does not reder the same and sections of the report are pushing to the next page once exported to PDF.


I instinctively thought there must be an issue with the visual/tablix dimensions exceeding the page dimensions, but they are not.  It also wouldn't explain why it would work properly locally on my computer and in the published workspace, but not once pushed to the app.


Has anyone else experienced anything like this and, if, so, have any suggestions on how to fix this?



New Member

Thanks for the reply and the information.  Any idea why it would render the PDF in the workspace without issue, but renders differently in the app?

don't know.  You may want to raise a ticket.

Super User
Super User

The whole point of paginated reports is that they render the same everywhere, pixel perfect.


However that is not what you seem to be doing - you are doing a PDF export.  That follows its own rendering rules, no longer guaranteeing pixel perfect rendering.


If you have a Pro license you can open a Pro ticket at
Otherwise you can raise an issue at .

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