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No error Refresh in Power Bi Desktop, but have DataSource error in Power Bi Service

I check all my power query in Power Bi desktop, Zero error and refresh without problem.  After published to Power Bi Service, Data Source error occured as below. 


[ValidateMarkupTags][ccon]Expression.Error: We cannot convert the value [ccon]"[Binary]"[/ccon] to type [ccon]Binary[/ccon].. [/ccon]. The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface. Table: Daily Overdue.


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already checked all and no error in power bi desktop but still have the same error msg in Power Bi Service 

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Solution Supplier


The error message you are encountering in the Power BI Service, specifically the "We cannot convert the value [Binary] to type Binary" error, indicates a problem with the data type conversion in your Power Query transformations. This error suggests that there is a data type mismatch between what Power Query expects and what it's encountering during the refresh in the Power BI Service.

To address this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Review the Query in Power BI Desktop:

    • Double-check your Power Query transformations in Power BI Desktop. Pay close attention to any steps that involve data type conversion, especially those that involve binary data.
  2. Check Data Types:

    • Ensure that the data types of columns in your data source match the expected data types in Power BI. You may need to explicitly convert columns to the correct data types in Power Query.
  3. Check for External Data Sources:

    • If you are connecting to external data sources (e.g., databases), verify that the data types in the source match the data types expected by Power BI. In some cases, data source changes can cause this type of issue.
  4. Check for Privacy Levels:

    • Ensure that privacy levels are correctly configured for your data sources in Power Query. If there is a privacy level mismatch between data sources, it can cause errors during refresh.
  5. Review Query Dependencies:

    • Examine the dependencies between your queries in Power Query. Ensure that the query dependencies are correctly defined, and there are no circular dependencies.
  6. Test the Refresh Locally:

    • Try refreshing your data in Power BI Desktop to ensure that there are no errors in your local environment. This can help identify if the issue is specific to the Power BI Service or if it's present in your original data or Power Query transformations.
  7. Data Source Credentials:

    • Make sure that the credentials used to access the data source are correctly configured both in Power BI Desktop and in the Power BI Service.

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