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New Azure Maps - Performance Issue

Dear Community,


I  have been facing some issues with the new Azure Map and I would like to know if any of you is experiencing the same problem.


The Visual freezes Power BI in the Desktop and in Service (both open through Report or App), so that nothing else works until the content has been loaded.


Using Performance Analyzer it doesn't track the time taken for loading the visual properly. It says the visual is loaded in a few hundred ms, but it takes indeed several seconds (or even minutes) to load it.


My data is showing about 730 datapoints, with position determined by Latitude and Longitude averaged by each ID (in Location field so it shows the ID of each location). Bubble Size is also used, varying from 5 to 130.000. Finally, I use a color Legend to categorize groups of IDs. This is how the Report looks like:



After some playing-around to find out what is the main issue causing the visual to be so slow is due to the Legend - after removing it, the visual seems to be much faster. Since I need to have this field, I have decided to go back to the classic Map visualization of Power BI until this performance issue is solved. This is sad, because the selection by Time/Distance functionality of the new Azure Map is really useful for our end users.


PS: When filtering the data (e.g. by country), the visual loads faster, but still not event compared with the performance of the classic Map Visual.


Edit1: I forgot to mention that even if I manage to change to another report page while the Azure Map is still loading, the open page takes several seconds to load (a blank page with a table containing about 50 rows only)

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Exactly the same problem happening here, also due to the use of the legend even though it only has 3 variables. The visual lasts forever and I also had to go back to using the old stardard map visual.

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Dear @Tiemen , I have found a way to go around this performance issue, maybe it works for you too.


The main reason for the performance issue was by adding a field to "Legend" values. When removing it, the performance got way better. (As mentioned,) I need the dots to be colored by a legend. 


So the solution found was to use Conditional Formatting of the items. Thats where I've applied it:


In the conditional formatting window, I've added a Format Style by Rule, and made one condition for each Legend (I had only 7 different countries to show by color)

Thanks for the tip! I have tried this but unfortunately the performance is still really bad when using shapes instead bubbles. 

Advocate II
Advocate II

We also experience serious performance issues with the Azure Maps visual. We are trying to make a shape map with dutch zipcodes (around 5.000 individual zipcodes). This is impossible and even causes PBI desktop to crash. Also in PBI service we don't get the expected result in the visual.


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