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Advocate I

How to filter dashboard

How do you place an interactive filter or slicer on reports that are placed on dashboards so that users can filter the data visualizations???


@spardacus There isn't any functionality that allows you to drop a slicer on a dashboard (if that is what you are implying).

You can hover over a tile and to the left of the pin icon on the upper right you can select the tile "In-Focus mode" which will allow you to use the fields in visual to filter it (Filters on right hand side). Otherwise, the functionality is such that if you want the end user to slice/filter on a set of visuals they just need to click the tile to be taken to the report page where you can place those.

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Thank you Eno1978 for you reply. However, I am looking to share the Reports / Dashboards outside the PowerBI login interface - specifically on the Mobile app. I do not anticipate users having to login to the backend to edit a report but to use the dashboard in a mobile, portable, and dynmic interface.


Unfortunately i have discovered that we cannot share the Dashboards outside the Domain-based user group, which MS is working to add to PowerBI. But, even when I test the Dashboard via the mobile app myself, I don't see any DYNAMIC way of filtering the data represented in the reports, ie "Revenue" by Store, or "Revenue" by Week, "Gross Margin" by Week, for example.


Having to slice or filter a report myself and lock it away in saving the report to a "static" state in the designer defeats the purpose of having a dashboard visualization in my mind.





If you use the 'Pin Live Page' functionality in the Reports, than the visualizations in your Dashboard will contain all filters in that are present in your reports. Also for mobile!


Cheers and good luck!

Sadly that is not the case, my slicers do not work even when I pin the live report. This seems a huge omission? Who these days wants a non-dynamic dashboard?

May be you have some 'page level filters' or 'report level filters' that are preventing the slicers to work as filters. An other posibility is that the interactions between the visual(s) and the filters/slicers (which are visuals as well, but ok) have not (yet) been set properly. In the online PBI, go to your reports, then click on 'Edit Report'. In the top right corner you'll see 'visual Interactions' on that to set your visuals to correctly interact with each other. Then re-pin the report as a LIVE Pin. 

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