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Helper I
Helper I

How to Drill down The Sale Return column base on the Location

locationAmountAmount ReturnANOTHER Amount
CLARI3,279,264       163,890.003,115,374.00
WAS GEN45,408163,890.00127,482.00
WAS C398,020163,890.0073,870.00
INFO LAC129,175163,890.0034,715.00
WAS NOR123,989163,890.0049,901.00
INFO SAINT147,789163,890.0016,101.00
WAS LONG197,813163,890.0037,923.00
WAS FEAST227,372163,890.0066,482.00
WAS C1367,895163,890.00195,005.00
INFO ANGEL376,700163,890.00222,810.00
INFO CORP385,430163,890.00231,540.00
INFO DOVE445,160163,890.00251,270.00
WAS MEGAMIND486,590163,890.00358,700.00
INFO BAG551,560163,890.00467,670.00
ECOMM SHOP779,694163,890.00585,804.00
WAS C2769,650163,890.00614,760.00
ECOMM LAZ1,195,541163,890.00951,651.00

Hi folks, good day! I would like to ask a question on how to fix the relationship between two tables. The problem is that when I click on the slicer date per day, the Amount,  ANOTHER Amount, column drills down by its's data per day, but the Amount Return column does show needed data per day. The Amount Return column is from another table, and I use Many to Many Relationship to it. The Amount column and another amount column work with the many-to-many relationship, but the sales return column does not. Can you give advice on how to fix the problem? It's a big help if you answer my question. Thank you very much. Btw i duplicate a table "sales" from the query so i can connect it from the two table, the drill-down of the data is the amount of location per day. Thanks

Here is the pic for the Relationship Table


The connected first lines in the relation diagram are
The second line is Location--Location

Super User
Super User

Your question is not clear to me, and your data model isn't one - yet.  Can you identify dimension and fact tables? Where is your location hierarchy?

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