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Advocate I
Advocate I

How can I share a dashboard but NOT send each person an invitation?

I would like to make dashboards available to my users, but not have them recieve an email invite every time I upload and share. Can the email invite be suppressed?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

I would worry about making sure that you have your content created. Once your dashboards and reports are production quality, after the product is GA, packaging content in content packs should be trivial.
Memorable Member
Memorable Member

content packs are now available... here is how you can create one


Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Creating a content pack may be the best option to share your dashboards, reports and datasets if you have a large audience. Sharing will probably be used with fairly small audience.

any guidance on creating content packages as we need to ship our dasboard updates to fairly large number of folks within our org.

Custom content packs aren't available until GA on the 24th.


Excerpt from the BI Blog above.

"In addition, at GA we will introduce Organizational Content Packs which allow users, BI professionals and system integrators to build their own Content Packs to share purpose built dashboards, reports and datasets within an organization for others to consume and gain business insights."



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Power Participant
Power Participant

@bpearce Sharing Dashboard is a one time process. Later changes can be made to the shared Dashboard and those changes will be reflected in Dashboard without the need to share again.

Also we can try sharing a group email id (have not yet tried). For eg. where abc is an company and team includes different people from an organization. May be if this works then it can reduce the work of individually sending an email to every people.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

There's no way to suppress the sharing email.


One approach I've seen people use is to share a dashboard with themselves (leaving resharing enabled), then send the link from the sharing email they receive to the people they'd like to have access.  You can put that link in your own email, on a secured website, etc.  Just remember that whoever clicks the link will be able to access the dasboard.  Also, sharing links expire 30 days after they are created, so you may need to regenerate it periodically.

I am also hoping that the email based way of sharing will eventually go away for these reasons:

  1. it’s not very secure, just look at how it’s currently structured, a link plus an email address in plain text – a hacker’s delight
  2. it’s not very user friendly, many users will only likely want to use a dedicated app on their phone or tablet, so having to do anything else outside of the app (like having to click on a link in the email client) could be very frustrating.
  3. many users don’t bother to read the contents of the dashboard sharing email, simply assuming that the email was just a heads up that the new dashboard is waiting for them and they get very frustrated that when they don’t see the shared dashboard on their list.

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