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Exporting paginated report fails with language "en-CH"

How to reproduce:

- Create paginated report

- Add report parameter of type float

- Create a textbox with a placeholder

- Set placeholder expression to render the float parameter

- Set placeholder format to Number format with thousands separator

- Set report language property by selecting the grey area outside of the report to "en-CH"


Running the report locally with parameter value 12345.67 formats the number correctly as: 12'345.67 (with upper comma as thousands separator). Rendering the report using a premium capacity however returns a generic error without any details: "{code=Report_Processing_Error, message=RootActivityId(0193b909-5d75-4ca9-80f7-6a62d7605ec2): An error has occurred during report processing., details=[]}"


Setting the language to "en_ch" or "en_CH" renders the report, but the number is formatted incorrectly as "12,345.67" (with lower comma as thousands separator).


My guess is, the premium capacity needs the en-CH locale installed. Is there a way to solve this?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @PatrickGünther 

Currently there doesn't seem to be such a setting to allow you to install the en-CH locales for premium capacity.

Is there any other language property that can be used instead of "en-CH"?

Have you tried setting your browser's language?


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Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

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