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Email Subscriptions Public Preview Feedback

Hello all!


We'd love to hear your feedback on the new email subscriptions feature, now in public preview. Report page subscriptions announcement. Dashboard subscriptions announcement. Documentation.


Please let us know below if you have questions, feature suggestions, or any other feedback!


As the blog post mentions, we will continue to iterate on this feature in the months to come. The list below details the planned improvements, and provides links to their respective UserVoice pages. We encourage you to cast your vote on UserVoice to help us prioritize our next steps!



-Sirui Sun

Program Manager, Power BI


re #2, sounds like the"one minute ago" is part of the specific dashboard tile configuration.

You have the explicit refresh date at hte bottom of hte email, under hte screenshot. I hope that helps.

Advocate I
Advocate I



Running multiple subscriptions to reports and dashboards, the service is mixing up all the dashboards and reports inconsistently. hardly ever reciving a correct email.


Best feature ever in terms of pushing adoption to clients, but not working yet.



We would like to get more context and details about this issue. I'm personally working with dozens of emails and haven't seen anything like that.


Would you please contact our support mail at:




   - ron

Ok did some testing its the IOS Mail app that is mixing up the subscriptions.

New Member


I subscribed to a couple of reports months ago. I regularly received the reports via email in the first days then I stopped received them. I see from Power BI service that those subscriptions are already active. I just tried to subscribe to a dashboard (great feature) but I didn't received the email even if I updated the data set.
Please note that I'm using an email and I can't see the emails in the Microsoft Mail panel. Di you have suggestions on how to fix it and start receiving email subscriptions again?

Thank you,
Helper II
Helper II

Hi, any news about the ability to subscribe others to emails?

Hey all - 


I am excited to announce that we have just released the ability to subscribe to dashboards! Check out the announcement here.


Please leave your feedback below!





Hey all -


First off, big thanks to everyone for the feedback.


As we progress through public preview of email subscriptions, we've been hard at work improving the feature based on your suggestions. Below, I'll summarize the work that's in the pipeline:


RE text being too small or hard to read

We have a fix coming soon which will make the image larger, and also sharpen the fonts.


RE consistently not receiving the e-mail

In this case, what's likely happening is that your account's User Principal Name (UPN) is not configured to receive email. Power BI currently only sends email subscriptions to your UPN. We are planning to fix this in the near future, so that emails get sent to accounts whose emails address are not the same as their UPN.


RE emails with some visuals not loaded

We've already made some fixes which greatly decrease how often this happens. Let us know if you're still encountering this problem!


RE subscriptions for dashboards, subscribing others

We're working hard on these features - more details to come.


As always, thanks all for your support, and let us know if you have any further questions or requests for this feature.




I have gone through this thread as we are facing issues with email subscriptions. Currently, I have subscribed to 3 reports and 1 dashboard. When we recieve email after the refresh in the morning, we receive the right report/ dashboard subscriptions email on the outlook but same subscription email when we recieve it through mail app on iphone - it is sending wrong embedded dashboards and reports  -it's all mixed up( For example - I have subscribed to report A, B , C and one dashboard D. When I recieve an email for each report/dashboard in the outlook separately and correct format. Same email when I checked in mail app in iphone - screenshot of report A and report C is mixed up in same email but report A is marketing and report C is Sales - like that I received 4 emails like in outlook but all mixed up. Is the subscribe work for only one subscription on the mail app in iphone?Most of the marketing reps  use iphone mail app as they are on the fly. What is the main reason for this issue? Is there any work around for this issue? Please advise to resolve this problem temp until permanently. This is causing so much grief at the moment. 


PS - if needed can send you screenshots of both outlook and iphone mail app.



Thanks for reporting this! Will we look into it.

Would be great if you could share the relevant images with me, please send to

I'm having the exact same issue,  let me know if you would like another example

Thanks for reporting this! we are in the middle of investigating hte issue and would appreciate your input. Can you please send the details to


Hi Ellbe,


I have just sent an email with screenshots of both outlook and iphone mail app version. Please let me know your feedback.


Highly appreciated for looking into this!



RE emails with some visuals not loaded:

When I first look at the mail via iPhone everything is fine. When I then put the mail into another folder and have a look at it again it shows old data.


@sirui_sunI've noticed the improvement to the loading problem. I am now getting consistently complete emails for all my test subscriptions. Once some of the other improvements you mentioned are in place and stable (readability/size, subscribing other users) I will be ready to roll this out for my users. Looking good so far!

Did I answer your question? Mark my post as a solution!

Proud to be a Super User!

Frequent Visitor


I do have similar Problems with email subsicriptions as described before. I receive mails, but in the snapshots not all visuals are loaded. Today I tested 2 subscritions, but viewing both mails on an iOS device, they both show an old (it´s from last week) sreenshot of the card of the first subscription. Viewing the same mails in Outlook I can see parts (as described not all visuals are shown) of the wanted card in the 2. mail.




today I got the right things to see in Outlook, but still the wrong card on the iPhone. Then I sent this wrong page from the iPhone to another Mail Adress I own and viewed it in Outlook. Now it is the right card, but all visuals show Zeros.



Frequent Visitor

Hi @sirui_sun


Still no change in this behaviour - subscription done, nothing received.


What news on a fix?





Regular Visitor

Embedded image is too small, I need to be able to adjust the size of content which renders in email.



I recreated several dashboards to get emails to look better, but they are still too small to see the text well.

Frequent Visitor

Hi @sirui_sun


I have experienced same problem - dataset has refreshed but no emails, nothing in spam dirs, clutter etc.

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