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Deployment Pipelines -Datasource rules for Power BI Report with the connection to a Power BI Dataset

I am currently investigating to use Deployment Pipelines for the deployement of Power BI Reports. These reports have a live connection with a Power BI Dataset which is placed in a separate workspace (as the best practices of Power BI describe). Unfortunately I am not able to set any datasource rules for these reports in the Deployment Pipeline. I would like to connect the reports in DEV, with DEV dataset, etc.


Is this currently possible?

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We are using reports with live connection to datasets in another workspace - This is a major issue blocking us. We need to to be able to change the connection parameter from dev to test or test to prod when deploying these reports

What is the solution and when can we get it? 

There are rules in deployment pipelines that you can use to change to parameter values.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Im just trying the deployment pipeline today and come accross this issue. Hopefully this gets addressed soon.

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

@RedYsl , @Mitchvdd @juancho182 , @lbendlin 

multiple pipelines support is now live!

read more about it in our blog announcement- Deployment pipelines- Azure DevOps extension, multiple pipelines working together, Dataflows GA | Mi...

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

This works for paginated reports live connected to datasets or SSAS but doesn't work with live connected pbix! 
Also noted a security issue with paginated Datasource transformation showing actual V-address of server in cloud!

Correct that this is still not possible for pbix reports...

Power BI Team
Power BI Team


unfortunatley, this is still not possible yet.

We are planning to close this gap by the end of the year.

In the meantime, a possible workaround would be to set all reports to connect to the PROD dataset, and have local reports within the dataset pipeline, where you can test changes in the datasets. 

Another option is not to manage the dataset in a pipeline, and use it for reports only.

Hi @Nimrod_Shalit as we are in Q4 now, any updates on this topic? Can I use deployment pipelines to point live connections to DEV, QA and PROD respectively?



I'm happy that this is a gap you would like to close, but until this is possible I'm unable to use the Deployment Pipelines (which I personally am a big fan of!). However, it works very well for Power BI Dataset in combination with datasource rules. 


When you have local reports within the workspaces connected to another datasource it's not possible the push a report from DEV to ACC with Deployment Pipelines. So the problem is not with datasets, but with reports...

Super User
Super User

yes, that's how it is designed. Have you used the dataset parameters?  If yes, where are you stuck?

As far as I kown, for reports based on Live Connection Dataset we don't have access to the connection string where we can add parameters.

Waiting desperatly for March releae :


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