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Helper I
Helper I

Dataflow Refresh Refresh Duration (Incremental Refresh)

I have a dataflow with a large amount of data setup on incremental refresh.  It takes aproximatley one hour to complete the refresh.  I can live with this as I have it scheduled to refresh every morning @ 4 am.  


All of the sudden just this past week the refresh starting taking 3 + hours to refresh.  As far as I know I did not change any settings in my workspace.  When I check the refresh history of the data flow, the process durations don't seem to be adding up (they total around 1 hour but the refresh isn't completing for 3 + hours).


Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot?



Helper I
Helper I

Premium per user

That means your dataflow is sharing resources with other tenants. Depending on how busy that capacity is you will see varying performance.

Tenants within my organization?  If this is the case, I don't believe it is the issue because i'm basically the only one in my organization using PBI service.

No, tenants on your PPU capacity.  The whole of the interwebs, basically.

Interesting.  It was so consistent for months and then all of the sudden its all over the place.


Is there any way to check if I'm getting throttled?

They won't tell you that for PPU.  Once you switch to Premium you have a bit more leverage but it can still happen there too.

I just duplicated my dataflow and turned off the incremental refresh.  It runs for 2.75 hrs without incremental refresh.  This is considerably faster than it runs with incremental refresh (it used to only take 1 hour).


How do you explain this?  They throttle it more when incremental refresh is applied?

They would not be able to tell the difference. Maybe something in your range filters changed (dropped index?)

I'm using the same date/time field.  The data volume is pretty consistent on a daily basis.

Super User
Super User

Premium or standard capacity?

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