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Correct me if I am wrong - Otherwise will need to stop Using PowerBI for Clients

I developed a dashboard and reports for a school that is used by 4 School Admins so the license change that requires them to have PowerBi Pro licenses is manageable.  I now start the design for a series of dashboards and reports that will be accessed school-wide (400 users). Under the new licensing model each user will need a PowerBi Pro license? Am I reading the license change correctly? If so, that would be around 3600.00 per month. There is no way I can sell that. 


I reviewed the Qlik Cloud sense licensing and if I read correctly a Cloud Sense Plus license will cost me 20.00 per month with unlimited sharing. I am not comparing functionality or features just license costs. My personal preference is PowerBI which I will still used for personal activities or when the user count is small but unless I am wrong the new license model does not work from a small client business perspective. 




Helper I
Helper I

I'm pretty sure for Qlik everyone would need a license as well?  I'm not really familiar with their cloud-based pricing but their on prem priceing is crazy...

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I did get some clarification on Qlik and you are correct. Beyond a static report , everyone needs a license. 

That said, I think with the new structure your 400 ish users become 'premium users' that carry a much smaller cost.  I'd recommend contacting a powerBI reseller like SHI or even Microsoft directly for clairification.

The results of our analysis for a ~2500 user implementation were even if everyone needs Pro... it is still extremely cheap compared to Tableau or Qlik.  Particularly if you are going to implement Office 365 as well.

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I would recommend "Publish to Web" functionality. Free for everyone to use.

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Took a look at Publish to the Web which may work in some use cases but not when you need some form of security either role based on row level.  


In my use case only a small number of users would be regular users while the majority will be infrequent users accessing the data a few times a month. I think there needs to be some kind of license model that supports a use case like this. The heavy users pay for a full license while there is another classification of user.



I think that's exactly what the new changes do, you only pay for pro for your developers then you buy premium for your end users.

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When I calculate the cost for premium under my use case it comes out to  $5095. per month with the bulk being the P1 node pricing.



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