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Connect Power BI service to on-prem Sharepoint 2016

Hi everyone,


I have an issue with pushing a report from Power BI desktop to Power BI service on cloud.

This is the setup:

In PowerBI-Desktop, I created a report that draws data from a 2016 Sharepoint on-premise. Connection is done via the "Sharepoint-list"-connector, works fine. Authentication using "Windows-account".

The sharepoint-website is accessible via SSO from within company network, and accessible with the same credentials via form based authentication from the web.


When I published the report to Power BI service, I have issues getting it to connect to the data source.

If I do not connect the Dataset to an On-premise-gateway, I get two options to authenticate:



Anonymous does not work with this error message:


And OAuth2 does not work with since OAuth is not supported:



With an on-prem data-gateway, I have three options:


Anonymous and OAuth2 fail doe to the same reasons as above. "Windows" fails as well because "Credentials are invalid".



Tried every possible form of credentials (username, domain\username, UPN, ...).


Does anyone have an idea how to go forward here?







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Hi DataSlayer,

that is exactly what I tried.

I have a running on-prem-gateway, that works fine with other reports and data-sources (SQL-Servers and the sort). It is running and https-connections to the sparepoint are working in the browser (best thing I could think about for testing, but I'm also fairly sure there cannot be any firewall rule standing in the way.)

I created a data-source on Poewr BI Service, but when trying the connection with credentials (I pick windows and then try the same credentials that work on PowerBI-Desktop), I get to error from the initial post.

Super User
Super User

To connect Power BI Service to an on-prem SharePoint 2016 data source, you need to install and configure an On-premises Data Gateway. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Install the On-premises Data Gateway on a computer within your network.

  2. Configure the On-premises Data Gateway by following the instructions on the Microsoft website.

  3. Create a data source connection in Power BI Service, select the "On-premises Data Gateway" option, and enter the details of your SharePoint 2016 data source.

  4. In the authentication section, select "Windows" and enter your SharePoint credentials. If you are using form-based authentication, you need to provide the appropriate credentials for that.

  5. Finally, publish your Power BI report from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service, making sure that the data source connection is updated with the connection from the On-premises Data Gateway.

Note: Make sure the On-premises Data Gateway is running and configured properly, and your Power BI report is set up to use the gateway. Also, ensure that the computer running the On-premises Data Gateway has access to the SharePoint 2016 data source.

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