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A report cannot be exported to PDF if a filter with too long criteria list is used.

Hi All,

I'm working with embedded version of powerBI. An export fails when I send request with quite long list of filter criteria. If a shorter list is used all exports succeeds. It looks like a filter can't be longer than 1.2-1.5k characters.

My filter's example:



"format":"PDF","powerBIReportConfiguration":{"pages":[{"bookmark":{},"pageName":"ReportSection"}],"reportLevelFilters":[{"filter":"Date_table/Date ge datetime'2021-11-01T00:00:00' and Date_table/Date le datetime'2022-11-25T23:59:59' and Table_Locationt/Code in ('AI','AG','AR','AW','BS','BB','BZ','BM','BO','BQ','BR','CA','KY','CL','CO','CR','CU','CW','DM','DO','EC','SV','GF','GD','GP','GT','GY','HT','HN','JM','MQ','MX','MS','NI','PA','PY','PE','PR','BL','KN','LC','MF','PM','VC','SX','SR','TT','TC','US','UY','VE','VG','VI','AS','AQ','AU','BD','BT','IO','BN','KH','CN','CX','CC','CK','FJ','PF','TF','GU','HM','HK','IN','ID','JP','KI','KG','LA','MO','MY','MV','MH','FM','MN','MM','NR','NP','NC','NZ','NU','NF','MP','PK','PW','PG','PH','PN','WS','SG','SB','SS','LK','TW','TJ','TH','TL','TK','TO','TM','TV','UM','UZ','VU','VN','WF','AT','DE','CH','AF','AX','AL','DZ','AD','AO','AM','AT','AZ','BH','BY','BE','BJ','BA','BW','BV','BG','BF','BI','CM','CV','CF','TD','KM','CD','CG','CI','HR','CY','CZ','DK','DJ','EG','GQ','ER','EE','ET','FK','FO','FI','FR','GA','GM','GE','DE','GH','GI','GR','GL','GG','GN','GW','VA','HU','IS','IR','IQ','IE','IM','IL','IT','JE','JO','KZ','KE','KV','KR','KW','LV','LB','LS','LR','LY','LI','LT','LU','MK','MG','MW','ML','MT','MR','MU','YT','MD','MC','ME','MA','MZ','NA','NL','NE','NG','NO','OM','PS','PL','PT','QA','RE','RO','RU','RW','SH','SM','ST','SA','SN','RS','SC','SL','SK','SI','SO','ZA','GS','ES','SD','SJ','SZ','SE','CH','SY','TZ','TG','TN','TR','UG','UA','AE','GB','EH','YE','ZM','ZW')"}],"settings":{"locale":"en-GB"}}}



Is there any setting(trick, workaround) which allows to use such long criteria list? or there is some limit which cannot be exceeded?

New Member

Navigate to All > Self-Service > Dashboards or All > Performance Analytics > Dashboards.
From the dashboard picker in the upper left, select the dashboard that you want to export.
Click the context menu (Context menu icon) and select Export to PDF.
Configure your print and delivery options.
Click Export.



Hi @MukeshT,

I use Power BI REST APIs for exporting.

Super User
Super User

Hi @IamVitaliy ,

 I haven't encontered this issue, but could you possibly add groups like North America, South America, etc. to put multiple location codes in and then filter by group? 

Hi @djurecicK2 ,

I consider grouping for this particular example, but there are another cases where grouping isn't applicable. That's why I'd like to find solution for long filter or to understand if there are some particular limitations. 

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