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an error occured within the report server database

I moved the database off powerBI server (on premise) to another server with sql 2019, and now the schedule doesn't work anymore. I have an error message : "an error occured within the report server database. this may be due to a connection failure...


before the change of location of the database, the planning was working well.

what should be checked?

I have to reinstall the power BI server for everything to work properly?

rights issue?

i don't how to reslove my problem

version of power bi report server : Version1.12.7981.11681(September 2021)




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,

What you can do if you get the above message is:

1. Ensure that SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) are up and running.

2. Ensure that the user with which you are accessing the relevant reports has Folder/Report permissions to do so.

3. Ensure that the SSRS instance’s service account (can be found in SQL Server Configuration Manager or SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager) has db_owner access to the respective ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB databases.

And you can further troubleshoot using the below steps:

In SQL Server Configuration Manager, navigate to “SQL Server Services”, then right-click on the SQL Server Reporting Service and on the “Advanced” tab, find the Dump Directory path.

Via Windows Explorer, navigate to the the Dump Directory folder (that is actually the location of the SSRS instance’s log files), try to reproduce the problem and then directly open the latest log file. Check the entries in the log file, where in addition to the above message, you will also find more details. For example you might see the additional error message: “The transaction log for database ‘ReportServer’ is full“….

If you indeed find the error about the transaction log, then it is crystal clear that you need to check the database server onto which the ReportServer database is hosted, for disk space issues. In this case, you need to check the drive that hosts the transaction log file for the “ReportServer” database. If you cannot shrink other log files and thus return space back to OS for further use by the transaction log of database “ReportServer”, then you will need to add more space to the disk.


Also you could tryto grant sysadmin Privilege to Report server service account.

Similar question refer:  



Did I answered your question?Pls mark my reply as a answer.




Best Regards


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it was not possible to correct the schedule update problem.

Another power BI server install was done and now everything is working


Thank you for these advices which made it possible to find a solution

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Thank you for these explanations.

We do all these actions and I come back to the forum for feedback

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Thank you for these explanations, this will allow us to move forward in the solution

we are going to migrate the SQL Server Agent jobs with the database administrators.

I'll run the T-SQL next

I will post after these actions

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Hi, did you also migrate the SQL Server Agent Jobs? PowerBI RS creates an SQL Server Agent Jobs for each schedule.

The name of the job is a GUID created by PBIRS.

You can query the ID's with this statement:

SELECT [ScheduleID] --> Name of job
      ,[SubscriptionID] --> This id needs to be passed in the procedure
  FROM [pbiReportServer].[dbo].[ReportSchedule] r
  LEFT JOIN [pbiReportServer].[dbo].[Catalog] c ON r.ReportID = c.ItemID
  ORDER BY Name asc

Within the job there is only one step of type T-SQL with this command

exec [pbiReportServer].dbo.AddEvent @EventType='DataModelRefresh', @EventData='INSERT Subscription ID'

Hope this helps

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We migrate the SQL Server Agent Jobs, and

and we execute the TSQL command like your example, 

but we have the same error : we can't  modify the plannification

How do I determine what is not working ?

is it necessary to re install server power bi ?





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