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Helper I

Upgrading Power BI Report Server (OCT 2017 Version)

Hi all, hopefully someone can help with this. I haven't upgraded Power BI before but was thinking of upgrading the report server to the latest version - can someone tell me if there are any risks of doing so?


I have dashboards deployed to there which were built in Power BI Desktop (OCT 2017 version) - will these all need rebuilding in a later version?


Hopefully someone can advise - sorry for the rookie questions!



Helper I
Helper I


Just make sure that you backup the keys prior to the upgrade. The keys can be backed up in the configuration manager. I would also recommend to create a snapshot just in case. But if everything goes as usual, the upgrade will be no problem and done within half an hour.



What happens to the existing reports that are deployed to the server and built in an earlier version?

We did the upgrade of the server version from OCT 2017 to MAR 2018 with existing reports built in Power BI Desktop RS (OCT 2017) that were published on the server. We did not encounter any issues on the published reports or on local stored reports after the upgrade. Furthermore we did not encounter any issues while opening the local stored reports in the new Desktop RS version.

I assume there is no guarantee that in certain edge cases you may encounter issues therefore a backup / rollback or a side-by-side upgrade with two servers (to test the new version first) might be a good plan (depending on how critical your reports are).

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