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Helper V
Helper V

Special character not working in Query/URL parameter

We are passing a query parameter in the URL for a PBIRS report to pre-filter the data for an Account. 


Account names with a & sign don't appear to be working though, even though it's encoded. 



Here's the actual URL 360/A360TimeDashboard?rs:embed=true&filter=OrgDetails/AccountName eq 'AB&C'


Here's how it's getting passed post encoding


Nothing seems to be working though. Is there a limitation on special characters? 



Hi All, Could you please help if there is any solution to this ? It doesnt seem to be working with unicode and we need this urgently.


@Anonymous , Did the example you showed worked ? It isnt working for me when I tried the same, it passed _x0026_ still as _x0026_



without url:   http://localhost/ReportsPBI/powerbi/General/ReportByProducts?filter=Product_x0020_Category/Product_x0020_Name eq 'XYZ' 



'ReportByProducts' - name of report

'Product Category' - name of model. The space character replaced to "_x0020_"

'Product Name' - name of field. The space character replaced to "_x0020_"

eq  -  means equal

'XYZ' -  value for filtering


@volodymyrz, Thanks for the resopnse! 

Actually my query was what if there is special character like & in the filering value itself , for eg, 'X&YZ' 


I tried replacing it by %26 and it worked for me.

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Yes @rumittal  your response is a correct solution. Using the %26 for & worked for me but you do not need to use the unicode encoding for the spaces. The docs don't seem to say this and infact say the single quotation mark ' is the only thing you need to consider. 

Docs here seem to be wrong.

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I used the same escape character format as this article explain. Replace the & with '_x0026_'

?filter table/column eq 'test '_x0026_' data'

The only problem I ran into was this seems to negate all other filters you pass in with the URL. This is the only one that comes through.


Hope this helps.

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Do you have solution for this? Same issue with us.

same here..! Any solution?

Any updates?

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