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Slicer on multiple columns

Dear All, 

i am working on a dashboard and currently i have 4 slicers , my intention is to combine all 4 slicer in one.

My data looks like below


Currently, my 4 slicers are Rank1,Rank2,Rank3,Rank4,, i am trying to combine these 4 slicers in 1 , named student name so when we select name of student, the whole dashboard is refreshed.


Please help me with it, Many thanks in advance

Super User
Super User

Your requirements are really unclear, so I don't know if this is what you are after. But I just unpivoted your example data and then created a matrix with subject on rows, rank on the columns and the name in the values




Super User
Super User

If I understand your requirement correctly the best approach is probably to unpivot the data so that you have a table with subject, rank and person.


Subjects Rank Person
English Rank1 John
English Rank2 Clara
English Rank3 Rey
English Rank4 Rey
Maths Rank1 Peter
Maths Rank2 Roy
Maths Rank3 Noah
Maths Rank4  
Science Rank1 Mark
Science Rank2 Jezz
Science Rank3 Jezz
Science Rank4 Peyer
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@d_gosbell Thanks so much for your reply, i need to show the data in a table as well in the dashboard so i think i wont be able to unpivot 😞

i am trying to create a meaure to do the same , found some resource in the community but unsuccessful:(


@Anonymous wrote:

@d_gosbell Thanks so much for your reply, i need to show the data in a table as well in the dashboard so i think i wont be able to unpivot 😞

You can still do that using a matrix with the unpivoted data

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@d_gosbell so sorry, i dont quite get it .. pls help me how to do it?

so i am able to have a single slicer and a table showing the whole data pls.


thanks in advance

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