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Scheduled Refresh Not Working for Web source on Window Authentication

I have built a Power BI report that is using WEB as datasource

The Web source is getting data from API that is running on Windows Credentials.


Everything is fine in Power BI Desktop, establishing connection with API using Windows credential, showing data and refreshing report. However, If I upload PBI report on On-Premises Report ServerAuthentication Type of PBI  Report data source changed to "Anonymous". 


If I try to change Authentication type to Windows again it gives error 



Hi @registerme78 ,

I don't know If this a good solution for you. But I guess I would load the data from the Web-source into a staging layer and use Power BI on this layer...

Power BI on premises is sadly not like the cloud with regards to the supported features ...








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Thanks for your reply.


Sql Agent Service was stopped, therefore scheduled refresh plan was not creating. 

Now, Scheduled Plan has created but getting new error:

"An error has occurred.
Data source error: Login failed for data source ‘’.

Hide error details
SessionID: ddssf0fb-3423-XXXX-XXX-XXX5d6771XX
[0] -1055784932: The credentials provided for the Web source are invalid. (Source at The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface."


Below are requests detail that is coming on API SERVER:


From PowerBI Desktop:
2020-07-21 08:52:29 [API SERVER IP] GET /api/user/getusers - 80 Domain\UserName [User IP] Microsoft.Data.Mashup+( - 200 0 0 46

From Scheduled Refresh[BI report Server]:
2020-07-21 09:14:43 [API SERVER IP] GET /api/user/getusers - 80  [Missing domain\user]  - [API SERVER IP] Microsoft.Data.Mashup+( - 401 1 3221225581 0


As can be seen above, Domain\User is missing in request that is coming from BI report server while scheduled refreshing. 


Is there any alternative to Scheduled refresh in  said scenario?



Morning @registerme78 ,

I guess this is not supported on the Power BI Report Server. I try it by myself it dosn't work :(.








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