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Report can't find previously working data source (insists on gateway even though cloud source)

I connect to my work network from home via "cognitas crosslink" VPN. My directquery SQL server data source for a particular report can not be reached over the VPN from power bi desktop. (I'm looking in to fixing that.... But that's not my issue I'm posting about)

The power bi web server however CAN see the data source. So, I can live with this, by only editing the report when I am on the physical work LAN, and publishing from the work LAN. Again, the report can be viewed in power bi online both at home and at work (and, for example, via mobile phone... So normally no problem with the data source via the report server normally)

Regrettably, yesterday I made a change to the report while at home, where the data source couldn't be reached, and then published the report. My thinking was that the report server has its own route to the data source so everything would be ok: however the report is now broken with red warning at top of page "There is no gateway to access the data source [XYZ]"

Other reports with same data source work fine. A brand new report with same data source works fine (I.e. built today trying to diagnose problem). I tried completely removing and re-adding the data source and removing all credentials but get the same error. It is as if it has cached a route based on my home network via crosslink, interpreted that as needing a gateway to be added, and is now no longer "trying fresh" to reach the data source? The broken state is saved in the report somehow?

Possible contributing factor: the reason for the change I wanted to publish, was I had accidentally imported a small excel table and forgot to turn off refreshing. So the web server was failing to refresh based on that fact. But now it's failing to refresh the main data source (only other source, as described above)

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