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Release Date for 2018 Report Server Update

Does anybody know when we will get the next release of the Report Server and desktop for On-Prem use?


Based upon details release by Microsoft I'm expecting regular updates of Report Server and the matching PBI Desktop on a 3 or 4 month cycle. The last release was Oct 2017, so that means that the next expected release is soon, maybe Feb 2018?


However in reply to a question I raised elsewhere a guy called Amir ( I think a Microsoft Employee ) has said "We intend to release an update to the report server towards the summer time.......". That's not a 3 or 4 month schedule, its a bi annual schedule, and if true is a big disapointment. Please clarify the situation, and if possible start publishing the road map for Report Server with some detail of when and what we can expect.


I cannot emphasise the importance to us of an On-Prem solution. We cannot use the cloud service, we are an enterprise that has sensitive data, and governance rules that prohibit its use.

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Any update on the release?


Also any update on the numerous requests for a roadmap and future releases being communicated more effectively?

Great News!


Thank you Power BI Team.

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Qiuyun Yu @v-yulgu-msft really appreciate all your work on the boards but we are still not getting any answers to this question. We are the customers here and we are asking simple questions for solutions we are paying for. I am not the only one that is feeling this way.


@riccardomutiwas last seen on here over a month ago and @mgmeyer nearly 2 weeks ago. Who is providing the answers to our questions as you have tagged them a few times for no reply?


All we are asking for is the Ideas Board to be updated as we are spending time to vote on things we really want and an expected release date and features. You must have a project / sprint plan. We have deadlines such as GDPR in Europe coming up fast that we are working towards and need to know where we stand for this.


Currently not one thing is showing as started. You must be working on something or what are we all voting for?


How can we endorse a reporting tool to potential clients when we have no idea what is coming or when?

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Very good points everyone!

I do understand that it is difficult for Microsoft to go out public and raise expectations on a release date. 

What I do think is the most important part here is not whether we get a release tomorrow or not, but that we get some of the most anticipated features in the next release and don't have to wait several more months for Bookmarks, Report Themes & Sync Slicers.

I think it would be very welcome to the community if we get some sort of list on what features that they plan to include in the coming releases so that we can plan that with our customers. It is very difficult to make any assessments if you dont know if the feature that you are expecting is coming or not.

Hopefully we will see something before mid March! 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Waiting for PBI Report Server new update.. any updates from Microsoft?

I echo all of these comments. The management at my organziation (legal) was esctatic when they heard about the on-premise version at one of the CXO conferences they attended. It was the only way for me to get the buy in to upgrade from SSRS; however, it was so limited compared to the marketed release information for Power BI. Subscriptions don't even work still... every feature update that's listed on the site sounds great, but no mention of the Report server. For many of the REST and other services items why is the Azure Stack platform not a viable option since it's an on-prem cloud using Azure services. We legitimately cannot put our client data in the cloud, but also need the product to be mature enough to invest in it over Tableau and other platforms.
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Hi alliedcvil,


All good points, I'm worried that Microsoft are not listening to us, there has been no recent attempt to reply to this thread or any of the others concerning the release schedule. Seems the Cloud version is getting all the attention.


PowerBI is a great tool, but it needs to be a great tool for the Enterprise Developer, not just the single man data analysis users, who may use it instead of Excel. We are building an innovative operations and performance dashboard for our mobile field workers and their managers. We are getting great results and much appreciative feedback from our users, but we need the improvements to keep coming. The last release of Report Server was Oct 2017, its now Feb 2018, we are 4 releases behind the Cloud product, and still no indication of when we might expect the next update.


Come on Microsoft at least acknowledge our questions! You must have a release date you are working to? Riccardo Muli has not posted on the subject since August 2017, Riccardo are you still the PM for Report Server, let us know you are still there!






Resolver I
Resolver I

Waiting for PBI Report Server new update.. any updates from Microsoft? we need the "Bookmarks" function please.. 🙂

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous@Luai7,


You can share your comment in this idea:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Community Support Team _ Qiuyun Yu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hi Qiuyun Yu ,


The discussion here is related to the initial commitment of an update of 3 times a year (i.e. every 4 months). So this is not really an idea but rather a commitment by Riccardo Muti!!


The idea you are referring to in the link is a suggestion to have an update more frequent than 3 times a year!!


Quote from Riccardo Muti:

"- We plan to release Power BI Report Server “multiple times per year.”
  - Initially, we've planned for about 3 releases per year (in other words, on average, every 4 months).



So all customers that have already adopted Power BI Report Server for their On-Premise architecture are expecting an updated release sometime in Feb 2018.  


I hope that the issue is clear now 🙂


Thank you

New builds with bug fixes (no new features) appear to be released every few weeks:


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Hi Ccparkhill,


Thanks that's a useful link that I was not aware of.


But what we are looking for is a road map for future releases, and specifically a confirmation from Microsoft management that the Report Server is going to me updated on the 3 to 4 month cycle that has previously been committed to.

I wonder if there will be a Preview release as there was with the October release, which was released in August. If the next release follows that pattern then we are at least a couple of months away. As you say, there is no road map detailing what might be included. 

Advocate II
Advocate II

Couldn't agree more...


All our customers are on-premise customers and they totally refuse to move to the cloud!


Thus the only option available for such important and critical business is Power BI Report Server.


Initially Microsoft has promised that the updates for Power BI Report Server will be every 4 months (i.e. 3 times a year) as opposed to the cloud version which is monthly (12 times a year).


So according to this promise all Microsoft on-premise customers are expecting a new update to Power BI Report Server no later than Feb 2018. Any other later date will be a total set back and utter disappointment for all those important customers!!


Kindly, we need someone from the Microsoft BI team to advise the the next update date as we are really started getting worried!!!





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