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Problem refreshing a paginated report in Power BI Service.

I have created a very basic paginated report in Power BI Report Builder (embedded in Power BI). The report has one parameter that only accepts one numeric value. This value is updated in Power BI using a slicer that is populated with values in a column created using the GENERATESERIES formula.


In the Desktop I can see that the parameter is working ok. I'm able to provide a value and see the impact on my bar chart: 



However when I interact with this report in Power BI Service, the paginated report does not refresh the data when I select a new value in the slicer. It always remains the same:


But when I export the data to Excel, the file shows all the values that correspond with the slicer. That is one observacion, the second thing that I have noticed it that if I change the value of the filter in the parameter section and I click on "View Report" then the bar chart works fine.



What could be happening with the Slicer in the power BI service that does not generate any impact on the graphic, but works perfectly in Power BI?



Helper III
Helper III

I'm curious about this. Have you tried disabling preview features in the service? File -> Disable preview features. 


Also I've never seen that interface for PBI report builder desktop, is it new?'re embedding the paginated report. All good. In that case my mention of preview features won't make sense. Not sure why it won't impact the report while embedded sorry. 

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