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Advocate II

Power BI Report Server - September 2019 Release



Just wondering does anyone know if MS are still on scheudle to release the September 2019 version of BPIRS this month?



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I just did the Power BI Report Server patching from May to September and was pretty smooth. However, some users start complaining that their paginated reports stop working after upgrade.


Does anyone know anything about? I confirmed that those reports are not working fine and when i tried to open their data sources are displaying the standard message about "Something went wrong"

Hi @Tektronics ,


I replied in the other thread with a few questions to help narrows down the problem.




Questions from my users :

May I upgrade my Report Server to the september 2019 release and still publish my reports from my power BI Desktop may 2019 ? And vice versa ?

Thanks for your help !

@michaeldurieux2 wrote:

May I upgrade my Report Server to the september 2019 release and still publish my reports from my power BI Desktop may 2019 ?

Typically publishing from an older version of Desktop to a new server will work OK (but you should still try to upgrade as soon as you can to keep the desktop and server versions aligned)


@michaeldurieux2 wrote:

And vice versa ?

No you cannot publish from September desktop to the May server. The September desktop will contain functionality that the May server does not understand so things will probably break.

Is PBIRS September aligned with Power BI Desktop September or August?

Can I publish report on PBIRS September if my users are upgraded to Power BI Desktop September.
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Power BI Report Server (September 2019) & companion Desktop App are completely different to the monthly Power BI Desktop release.


To publish reports to a local PBIRS you must download the corresponding PBI Desktop app (September 2019 release)

NOT the monthly Power BI Desktop.


Both can be found here:

Hope that helps


Advocate I
Advocate I



Nice release. It is very promising.


I was trying to find out if the promised excel export feature ( ) is there. I didn't find any documentation abou it. Is it out ?


Best Regards


Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Same here, looking forward to a sooner-than-last-day-of-the-month September release so we can plan out our upgrades in October. Hopefully the paginated reports will get some love too? Seems like the Export to Excel functionality got significantly slower in the last release for some reason.

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Yeah looks like it's "sometime" next week then...


It doesn't quite get the same luv as the service. 😉


Christopher made a comment on this post, saying it's coming soon..3 days ago


Hey Guys,


The september release just went live!


Please give it a try and let us know if you face any issues with it!






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I'm just hoping the September release will be released in September.........

Does a new PowerBI Report Server release is out with a new Power BI Desktop release optimized for PBIRS ?

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Yes it does

Microsoft has committed to a release every 4 months for PBIRS (Jan, May, Sep) and I have not seen any announcements about a variation from that so I'd expect a release in the next few weeks. Note that they have not committed to specific features for the next release, so if they run into issues I'd expect them to hold a feature back rather than miss the date.


@michaeldurieux2 wrote:

Does a new PowerBI Report Server release is out with a new Power BI Desktop release optimized for PBIRS ?

Yes, there will always be a new optimized version of PBI Desktop that aligns with a given PBIRS release.

Thanks for your reply.

I look forward this new release and hope also for the new filter panel and maybe the possibility to use many-to-many relations.

Hope both features will added on September release...

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When it eventually comes out...?


Anyone any idea when that might me...


At least with Christmas, you know when it is... 🙂

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Looking forward to this.

Hopefully it will contain the new Filter view.

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