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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Power BI Report Server - May release on time?

Sorry, I'm going to be that guy - it's May 1st! How's the timetable looking for the May 2019 release of PBIRS?

I have time scheduled out for a QA upgrade by the end of May, and then the Prod upgrade in June if QA goes well, so any info you can share about the release looking on (or off) track would be very helpful. Thanks!

New Member

New Member

Check out this link.


May 2019 PowerBI Report Server was just posted..


Nice, I like to be proven wrong when it means something is 2 days earlier 🙂

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Ahh not quite unfortunately, I need to give some of you other folks a chance to find any early bugs before I feel ready to start putting it out there. 🙂  Looking like early June QA, mid-June Prod for us if all works well...too many other ducks I have to line up first! But hey, there's some good stuff in there, I'm very happy we're also getting the performance analyzer. I suspected that might not make it to Report Server for another release or two.

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

@chrisfin  has just posted on the feedback for the may desktop releasy

"We always release in January, May and September - so it's coming real soon!"


He likes "New Feature Friday!" so I'm guessing it will be 24th or 31st.



LOL - I like new features, Friday just happens to be a day I can make sure normally people aren't blogging at the same time.

Helper I
Helper I

I was almost "that guy" too, but decided to be patient for a couple of weeks.  And you should not feel the need to apologize, RS updates have historically been delayed, not to mention the fact that upcoming RS features are not even identified on the roadmap.


Thanks for being that guy @messerjc!

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

*Bump*  No news from anyone out there? Not just asking the Microsoft folks, asking any other users out there too who might have stumbled into info about the next release. Thanks.

Not applicable

Anyone heard a word on this?

Still nothing on my end either...starting to get a little twitchy about my deployment timelines.

There are still a couple of weeks left in May... The Report Server PM made a cryptic comment on twitter about it being time to prepare a video this weekend so I'd hope this is in relation to the May release. I'd also just keep an eye on the Power BI blog they are unlikely to announce something on this forum that has not already been officially announced there.

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