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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Power BI Report Server Jan 2021 Released

We have released the January Power BI Report Server update with fixes addressing the most common issues reported for models using enhanced metadata as well as a preview for the upcoming Power BI Report Server UI overhaul. It can be found here:


Changelog will be updated with the following information:

    - *Version: 1.10.7698.12811 (Build 15.0.1105.194), Released: January 21, 2021*

        - Features

            - New Icons related to Power BI and Power BI reports.

            - New portal preview experience added behind 'UsePortalV2' feature switch in ReportServer catalog's ConfigurationInfo table.

        - Bug fixes

            - Fixed issue with scheduled refresh of Power BI reports with certain models using enhanced model metadata.

            - Fixed issue editing data driven subscriptions in portal.


If you are interested in trying the new Portal experience you will need to update a value stored in the ReportServer catalog. 


/****** Script to ENABLE Portal preview  ******/

UPDATE [ReportServer].[dbo].[ConfigurationInfo]

SET [dbo].[ConfigurationInfo].Value = 'true'

Where [dbo].[ConfigurationInfo].Name = 'UsePortalV2'


/****** Script to DISABLE Portal preview  ******/

UPDATE [ReportServer].[dbo].[ConfigurationInfo]

SET [dbo].[ConfigurationInfo].Value = 'false'

Where [dbo].[ConfigurationInfo].Name = 'UsePortalV2'


After changing this value you will need to restart your Reportserver instance.  Your portal should now look like this:


newPortal.PNGWhile this is a preview it is the plan to make this view the new default in a future update of Power BI Report Server so we welcome all feedback as well as reports of any issues you face.






As always after applying this update if you run into any other issues with the release please create a new thread or contact Microsoft support describing your issue in as much detail as possible so we can address them one at a time and others are able to see solved issues.

Helper I
Helper I

There is an issue I come accros by Scheduling  a report with API Jason Content with Parameters.

PS:  in this case I have function to retrieve TOKEN wich change constantly.

Now Scheduled taks in Power BI Server Fails:

[0] -1056505856: COM error: Microsoft.PowerBI.ReportServer.ASEngineManagedRoot, The given data source kind is not supported. Data source kind: UnknownCallsite..

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