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Power BI App Deleted, By Itself?

I edited a report on May 22, 2023 that I had created an App for, to send in a subscription list every week.  This has all been functioning perfectly fine since early March, even with edits and changes.  This morning, May 23, 2023 the app disappeared, and everyone on the distribution list gets an error that "Sorry, we couldn't find that app.  It may have been deleted or you may not have access to view it."  When I went to my Power BI service, sure enough, the app was nowhere to be found.


I don't understand how this could happen, or where to even start looking?  Yes, I can rebuild the app, and the subscription list, but about a month ago I similarly lost the subscription list and had to recreate it.  Is there some kind of history to see what happened to these things?  I have to try and track down my IT admin, but without some more detail on where they can start looking I'm not sure they would spend a lot of time on this.  


It is possible that someone else with permissions to the workspace could have accidently deleted it, but how/where would I be able to find that out?  Is there a way to get it back without recreating it?  I am certain I did not accidently delete the app myself2023-05-23 10_28_48-image001.png ‎- Photos.png.  I have

another app made in a different workspace that is still there.  This is quite strange.  I am certain I didn't accidently delete it myself, I just want to know how to best prevent this from happening in the future.


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