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Advocate I
Advocate I

On-Prem Report Server Custom Authentication for Dummies?

I have a PBI Report Server. It is on "DOMAIN A".

I have dozens of users. Their computers are in "DOMAIN B".  They cannot see my report server.

My infrastructure guy says we cannot have a trust relationship between "DOMAIN A" and "DOMAIN B". Maybe I should push back on this?  But it doesn't seem like he'll budge.


I am wondering if there is a good way to allow users from "DOMAIN B" to connect to my report server in "DOMAIN A" using something called "custom form authentication". But everything I read on the subject makes no sense to me at all.  I am a SQL Server developer, and this looks like web server / network admin stuff.  Nobody here knows more about this than I'm supposed to.  Where do I begin?  Is there a dumbed down version of this somewhere with instructions that make sense?

Advocate I
Advocate I

In the words of the great Yukon Cornelius.....   







Oh well.  Guess I'm hosed.  😞

I think that is because what you are asking for does not exist. The custom authentication feature was built to allow ISVs who have existing software with it's own authentication to integrated that into Report Server so that they could use it as a platform for the reporting for the application. It was not built as a way to bypass unhelp IT admins. 


In your situation it would seem that either moving the server to Domain B or setting up a trust relationship are the correct approaches.


Or if Domains A & B each have their own sets of users and they need their own sets of different reports over different data sets and they need to be kept separate for legitimate security reasons, then you might just need to setup a new report server in Domain B.

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