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Log tables in PowerBI SQL Database

Hello, colleagues. I have a question with PBI SQL database. I saw a SQL table named ExecutionLogStorage. It stores data about reports and who viewed them. And I want to find a table with logs like deleting, changing, replacing (..etc.) of reports and elements. There are some empty tables in PowerBI_CFG SQL database (Event, History..) but I don't understand where can I saw this data. Thanks!

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See if this view has what you need.  It comes with the standard database.  Look at the ItemAction column.


FROM ExecutionLog3

Thanks for answer. I saw these ItemActions:

1. DataRefresh

2. Render

3. FindString

4. QueryData

5. SaveToCatalog

6. Toggle (What is this?)

7. ASModelStream

8. ConceptualSchema

9. Execute


And what about Delete? There is no anymore.

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Below is the logic that is in the view in the October 2017 version of PBI ReportServer.  I do not see "delete" in there. 


WHEN 1 THEN 'Render'
WHEN 2 THEN 'BookmarkNavigation'
WHEN 3 THEN 'DocumentMapNavigation'
WHEN 4 THEN 'DrillThrough'
WHEN 5 THEN 'FindString'
WHEN 6 THEN 'GetDocumentMap'
WHEN 7 THEN 'Toggle'
WHEN 8 THEN 'Sort'
WHEN 9 THEN 'Execute'
WHEN 10 THEN 'RenderEdit'
WHEN 11 THEN 'ExecuteDataShapeQuery'
WHEN 12 THEN 'RenderMobileReport'
WHEN 13 THEN 'ConceptualSchema'
WHEN 14 THEN 'QueryData'
WHEN 15 THEN 'ASModelStream'
WHEN 16 THEN 'RenderExcelWorkbook'
WHEN 17 THEN 'GetExcelWorkbookInfo'
WHEN 18 THEN 'SaveToCatalog'
WHEN 19 THEN 'DataRefresh'
ELSE 'Unknown'

END AS ItemAction



Obviously as with all ReportServer objects, this logic is subject to change at anytime.  

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Deletes are not logged. The item is removed from the catalog table and the ExecutionLogStorage table as well. Since executionLog3 is a view onto these it vanishes from there as well.


There are no events recorded in the underlying ExecutionLogStorage table.


If you want to keep track of who created/amended or deleted what when you probably need to implement some kind of versioning on the catalog table.


I'm not sure I've ever seen anything useful about audit of report create/edit/delete in the SSRS tables thus far.

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Makes sense. Thanks.  I could see a use if you were trying to audit the changes made to published objects.  Especially if you have acase of objects being deleted.  Having that information at hand could help identify the problem users and identify a training opportunity.

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We run a powershell script every 30 mins that extracts any new/amedned reports. Doesn't extract who did it of course. But if someone needs to roll stuff back and or needs to recoversomehting that's been deleted the  its useful to have.

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