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How to select a specific report page from the URL when using the PBI report server?

We would like to select a specific report page when accessing a PBI report from the URL. We are using the on prem Report Server. We found that adding parameter "?pageName=<pagename>" should work but it seems to be only supported in the Cloud version..


Anyone knows this answer?



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Does anyone know if it will be available a day om PBI Report Server .? Or if microsoft will only provide this functionality on powerBI Service ?

thanks in advance for your support.

Advocate II
Advocate II

I could be wrong but from reading this thread, the solution seemed to be adding the following to the end of the URL: "?pageName=<pagename>"


I'm on PBI Service so not the same setup but 'pagename' didn't work for me. What did work was the report section ID that can be obtained from PBI service. Solution via: Using the pageName parameter - Learn Power BI [Book] (

Thanks for the suggestion, Alex, but that doesn't seem to work in Report Server. I used Power BI Helper to surface the ReportSection IDs for specific pages and tried plugging those into the URL, but the report still loaded the default page.

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Has anyone found a solution for this ?


I guess this is not possible at the moment.

You can embed it with this little ending "?rs:embed=true" but choose a specific site isn't possible.

Also you can add filter to this -

Please vote for the Idea here:





Advocate I
Advocate I


We also need such possibility.

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Hi Power BI community!


Any Update about this?


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Resolver II

Someone added an idea regarding this, please vote for it.

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Hi @Anonymous  @DLeach @dianaschnuth  @itikka83  @Anonymous ,

You could achive this by appending &pageName=ReportSection2

Please refere to the below


Best Regards,



That's true for the Power BI service but this question is about Power BI Report Server (on-prem).

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it seems like there is a limitation for RS URL, it must be less than 260 characters.

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You can access the page name by going to the URL servername/powerbi/api/explore/reports/reportID/modelsAndExploration


Somewhere in the JSON is the correct Page Name we are looking forward. However, when you plug it into the URL as a parameter still no dice. Would be super helpful for us as well.

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Did anyone solve this? Is it possible?

Bumping this post, as I have the same question. Appending ?pagename=blah to the URL still doesn't work as of the May 2019 release.

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still facing same issue. Any update on it


I would love to know the answer to this. Would be great if we could get a response. 

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Same problem here

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Dear Power BI Community,


I've got exactly the same problem, anyone can help us on this topic?


Best regards,

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