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Feature Request

• Site option change the sort order of SSRS categories

• Bread crumbs navigation on the same level as the title, stop wasting space!

• Allow color folders.

• Allow changing of folder icons.

• New Iframe Item category (allow external web elements into report server render in the main report area frame)

• Thumbnails for images if they are uploaded (PNG, JPG).

• Thumbnail for PowerBI reports (like mobile reports)

• Fullscreen button for Reports and PowerBI Reports

• Best fit Width & Height of Power BI Report.

• Subscription to Power BI report (Only send out an embed URL link to the report so it can be timed with a refresh plan)

• Add more options to change look and feel with CSS Themes, like background images, control location and sizes of elements on report server.


If anyone has something to add to the this list please add below...

Super User
Super User

As suggested earlier, it is better to post these suggestions (or vote for existing ones) at as those get regularly reviewed by the product team.

Regular Visitor


Field Search in visual builder:

Add a tiny table row number next to each table so we can prefix the column search with a specific table.

EX: t2: the_name_of_my_column


Field search in query editor:

Add a search box in query editor so we don’t have to find the button “go to column” and click it

and then we can then see multiple columns for the search result.

Ex Search: Animals

Result: will should me all columns that contain the word “Animals”


Column sorting in query editor:

Add a tiny number to each column so we can choose that column 5 should be at column 3

All columns to the right will then increase by one count
Or add a sorting GUI.


More easy way to sort the pages in visual editor:

I sometimes have 30 pages at it is painful to sort by dragging.

Add a little number to each page so I can say page 5 should be page three.

Or add a sorting GUI.


Specific “Button” to toggle bookmarks:

Instead of creating a bookmark for hide visual then another for unhide visual which is very tedious.

Create a specific “button” that cycles through n number of bookmarks in a loop.


Dax Editor:

I ALWAYS click enter by habit to move to the next line. The behavior of enter in the editor is “execute dax code” which is painfully annoying. Make it Cntr + Enter or a button or something else to execute the command.


Don’t execute Q&A on double click in visual editor:

Double click is way to common, and its painfully annoying when Q&A keep coming up. Make is Cntr + Double click or a new visual or something else.


Bulk edit column names to make it more user friendly in query editor:

Bulk edit table names to make it easier on the dashboard creator:

Ex: Table_About_Animals | Column_About_Dogs

… Replace all underscores with a space … Remove “Table_About_” … Remove “Column_About_” …

This way all the visuals don’t get gross unfriendly automatic title and axis names and I am forced to make 3 or title edits per visual


Bulk select (Select All) columns that was searched in the table/column search bar:

Bulk select (Select All) rows that was searched in filter page column filter:

Bulk select (Select All) rows that was searched in the visual filter:

Search bar: I want to be able to select all and drag all columns from a search result into the filter pane or into a table visual.

Filter pain and visual:  select all that match the search criteria is an extreme time saver


Bookmark default state seating:

Ex: Don’t capture “Data” or “Display” by default. Instead of editing this for every bookmark.


The (…) seating on bookmarks and visuals:

Don’t remove the setting tool-bar/tool-tip after a selection of one setting. Need something like an apply button after section of multiple setting.

Ex. I want the visual to “sort by” and sort “descending”

Ex. I want the bookmark to not capture “data” and not capture “display”


The tooltip on “buttons” should not remove all extra spaces or return character:

Need: If I want to add a table like set of instruction this become useless. Ex:

CategoryA :       This is a description of category A

CategoryB :       This is a description of category B

But instead I get:

CategoryA : This is a description of category A CategoryB : This

is a description of category B


Bulk download multiple visuals from the visual store or n number of files:

It is painful to download one visual at a time.


Bulk Selection tool in visual editor should select on touching the visual not surrounding the visual:

Bulk Selection tool should be enabled right away on shift + click or ctrl + click or alt + click …

Problem: The bulk selection took becomes useless if the dashboard does not have white space to the bulk select (by double click + drag). In other words, I cannot surround the visual if its touching the edge of by page. (I kind of can if I’m pixel perfect precise on the edge of the page, but that become painful).

Also: the double click + drag is too close to double click enable Q&A


The filter header options should not disappear if the visual is too small.

Place the header options into “Option settings” so its always there and I don’t have to resize the visual just to access the head options and then undo the resize of the visual.  That’s painful.


Better way to sort visuals:

If I have 30 visuals on a page (scrolling) or the entire page is full (not scrolling) it is painful to sort things, especially a scrolling page.
A sorting GUI or directly on the dashboard that automatically shifts visuals down or over if I drag another visual over a chart, that would be awesome.


Bulk edit data types in query editor:

Ex: Select multiple columns and make that all text values instead of integer.


Bug: “Pause visuals” message is overlayed over the filter pain expansion/collapse arrow.

It could be overlayed with errors/warning messages as sell. I don’t remember.


Bug: Tool tip not working for me for the visual focus mode
Not sure if it not implemented or a bug


Basically the above features boil down to Bulk: selection, edition, sorting, clicking

There are sooooo many clicks involved just to do very basic things. It is painful to use power bi without the above features. I’ve used power bi for years and the features keep increasing but the usability is still clunky and painful.  I keep thinking I should use something like python to visualize data, more code but a lot less useless clicking.

Helper II
Helper II

I would greatly like to be able to control the colours (via a reference table) on all charts so that the same result is the same colour throughout all graphs, currently can only do conditional formatting of charts without a legend.

New Member

We would like to automation data validation of interactive reports in PowerBi but have not found an easy way to do so.  We currently pull the query out of the performace anaylizer for each visualization that makes up the report.  This is clunky.  I was expecting Microsoft to implement an API for this but as far as I understand it there is facitity like this.  Is anyone aware of such an API or if there are plans to build one?

Not applicable

For Embedded PowerBI Capacity need API to Support or Automated method for:


  • Metrics related with CPU/Memory Usage for treshold and scaling purposes.
  • Capture consumption by Workspace for Billing Purposes.
  • Billing Reports by User/Workspace.


Regular Visitor

I'd like to be able to add custom headers to API calls that use Windows Authentication. 

Frequent Visitor

RTL support for visuals ie x axis to go from right to left .. we can do this in Excel

Horizontal filters.. also to start from the right


Better word wrap on axes for  RTL


I create dashboards with English and Hebrew and we need this functionality.  Thanks

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @Anonymous 


There are some nice ideas here.


You should post them at under 'Report Server'.


Some of them is already there eg.:

Full screen button:




Regards Taico

Frequent Visitor

Power BI Report Builder needs to use the same data import system as Power BI, or better yet bring the features of report builder into Desktop. Currently, I can't import Power BI service data sources which is the only way I can access my data in Desktop due to the way our data is hosted which means I can't use Report Builder.

Frequent Visitor

I'd love to see a "New Window" option like they have in excel.  I find this extremely helpful when troubleshooting formulas that pull from multiple tables/sheets.

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