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Derived Column to have values according to the measure

Hey Guys,


Is there a chance I can set the value of a derived column to be according to the value of the measure?

Basically I have a numeric measure (0,1,2,3 and greater than 3) and I need the derived column to have values "=0", "=1", "=2", "=3" and ">3" accordingly. I tried doing so with this formula but it doesn't work 😞


Quantity = IF(SUM(Table[Reopenings])=0, "=0", IF(SUM(Table[Reopenings])=1, "=1", IF(SUM(Table[Reopenings])=2, "=2", IF(SUM(Table[Reopenings])=3, "=3", ">3"))))

Does anyone have any idea on how can I do this?


Thanks a lot!


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